Monday, June 8

For HUMANS not for an ANIMAL


this is not a troll.
Its time to have a proper short revenge.
But, i am not that kind of person.
Takde agama ke weyh.

Tell me, what does those meant to you?

p/s : macam bodo send2 suratlayang. Mmg otak senget. Da takde keje sgt da ke?shiannya. Blaja tinggi2 ni keje nya rupanya. Oups, sorry, terkasar sudah. haha.


is that bothering you bastard?
euw..poor you..euw..euw..euw

By right, it have been pretty much mess up my life fer the past few days. And anywayy, it doesnt bother me at all. Whereas, i am pretty well, and too well, well well happy and sgt2 happy! So, is that your problem? Yes!! you are. You are the person who doesnt make any sense when, we (me and family) are happying being together. So, the simply thought i might say: lu dan warga keluarga lu. Ada kami kesah? oups sory! All of you are not even listed in our life. Rubs.rubs. rubs.

we are happ
y. And you? Envy us?haha. who cares anywayy?

kan iman kan?? kami comel2. And you??tak cukup comel. Haha. Poor you.
so, better make up that bitchsss faces occay. make sense?


i'm telling you okeyh,
frankly speaking to you, bloody hell person,
i am not the God who leads all GOOD.
and all evil who leads all BAD to its end with.
and of course you too. Rite?
But in a simple word, or i might think it should be in a proper way,
you bastard, have been pollution and tyrin to destroying fer maybe too long and its not gonna end. As grateful as i am, i have decided to stay away from all of you to save all your bad ass manner before the worst thing happens.

gagaga. buat hidup sendiri boleyh? Aku kacau kauh ke? Penah aku kesah pasal kau ke?
Sape kesah weyh! i admitted u've been a bit kind of an idiot.So..
stay the hell away from me. And OUT

p/s: haha..woo this feel was so good. Can keep me back le ah sleeping.sleeping.