Wednesday, July 29

iman needs to sleeppp

from bb-to-shah alam-serdang-kajang-kelana jaya-damansara
erghh.need time fer pleasure
dead.tired. tired.

I’m thrilled to say that 2009 is looking really good fer ikea. The cover is fantastic, love the art, the rug, the bold black paired with crisp white, and of course the shot of pink. Tapi, tak jumpa lamp pink i. Out of stock kata nya. Sedeyy. I was always so hesitant to purchase from them bt after a few purchases i’m all fer ikea nowadays. Jalan sana-jalan sini. Penat sgt akhir nya. Will be updated tomorrow ok. Si budak kecil ni pun dah keletihan seharian and almost a day ikut auntyy nya shopsss:)

sleepin in heaven
: )

Tuesday, July 28

Aku Rimas-Rimas-Rimas


kepada sesiapa yang terasa.
Esp: Le Boifee

Me in the politest-voice-I-could-muster
"Can I just get 10-minutes or few days to finish this? PLEASE!!"

With my new beloved space, I feel like I have the right to hang a sign on the door that says,

Don't bother me unless you are bleeding...a lot.

Thank You :)

With much love, your sweet girl and untitled-wife.

♥ baby yours

money still cannot buy happiness


please stay the hell away

Fortunately, ptptn loan did not let me down this time. Akhirnya. Penat menunggu duit pt ni.Where did my money goes today? Erghh, i did spent too much money for rental with payless. Payless? haha. And save money fer the house deposit including utilities deposit. Total up. Almost RM318.wth. Do you pay attention to turning off every light in the house when it's not in use? i'm not. Tapi sekarang dah started on regretting. Gahaha. Padan muka aku. All in sudden, teringat sem lepas staying at Kolej mawar fer the whole sem. Semua nya free tak payah bayar including fee charges only. As I went back through my photos, I found this pics and wanted to jump right back into it. Eh, mcm kenal je tempat ni?Lets tonton-tonton ex-roomy saya fer last sem.

Mawar College
UiTM Shah Alam

It’s been wayyyy too long, however, I’ve been too busy doing absolutely nothing hahaha. It’s such a mess.

Nothing beats the student life. Sure, we have worries and need to worry about money and such quicky things.Well, as a poor college student, most of my money goes to food and rent.


Thursday, July 23

♥ Taking things fer granted ♥


A day, a joy, a dinner and a birthday surprise fer le boifee with dear old friends.Boys on one side, girls on the other.
After had a short lunch at Marybrown, Times Square, karaoke, and dinner at Old Town Cyberjaya, we are pretty much closing down the place.Whether a year goes by or a few weeks, nothing changes for us. We come back together and relish in how we knew each other then, and enjoy sharing the who we are now.One thing can be counted on fer sure .
Lots of laughter.
I will always miss all of them.

So, there you go! Rant, over.

OMG! This fantastic dinner with the amazing people made the day just like my day
I am pretty happy met all my besties. I love them. Seriously, so muchh.
Lets start from left: Mashita-ku, Roslina-ku, lil'me, and Asilah-ku

" Baa Baa Black Sheep winnie winnie wool.."
Whoaa..this lady love to sing a lot and lots.
Nasib baik suara sedappp :)

Bringing people back to table to share love and laugh over a number of year.
The cute girl with white tudung: MAS AYU
The guy with spectacle: DR. HUSAINY

At any rate, i keep wondering where life take us as we are getting older. All in sudden i met them after a several of years. And see, how wonderful they are.

Sape yang berdiri tu? Dengan penuh semangat-nya. DEKMI, and then ada MR. HADZRIL and gf ever NINA, cik polka dot clothes, HANIS and not forgotten, cik polka dot tudung, KIKIN. Sepatutnya kikin yg pakai baju hanis tu. hee. Barulah mix and match en?? Abes hanis kene pakai apakah??kahkah.




Heh. The lawyer besides me okehh. Dare to blame me fer any fault?? cubalahh.Saya ada lawyer tau. haha

MR. FAHIMY yang sangat busy me-capturing all of us. Tapi, look likes cam dia plak yang over pose en??haha

The guy with mic EN. ASYRAFF and the right side guy is MR. FUAD. Wahh! fuad suara walahhh gitu. Boleh tahan.

Lets intoduce the last person shall will not be ignored. Alolo, comel nya berbaju pink. haha. Ala2 jambu-air gitu. Here we go. FARID KAMARUDIN.

They eat till em drop! haha. Dah lapar sgt semua nya.

Oups. The pengantin joined us lahh. Walahh gitu. Tq fer coming EN.KHAIRUL. Even nampak letih still have time cherish us.

Eh! ini pengantin juga ke??hiks. Selamat ke jinjang pelamin ye syg. Asilah-ku brings her MR.TARMIZI. Tq encik, fer joining.

But then, one of them is my le boifee's unimates. Ahah! What a surprise? See, the creator had create the wonderful theme fer the night. He is WAN MOHD FARIS. Satu kolej at UTM with my amirul.haha.
And also, tq fer the en.spectacles, EN ASYRAF AKBAR. Nice to meet you.hee.

We enjoy a relaxing couple of hours over melalak-ing while i am well entertained by them! TQ

lastly, taking granted fer le boifee ever:
Happy Birt
hday Darl!

Me, the princess planned a surprise birthday fer MR.BF that eventually end up as a surprise! Because everyone started accidentally spilling the beans! Wahh.. It did work-out. And it was one of the best moments in my life. I will always remember all the incredible emotions and the moment when I arrived, saw my boyfriend and surprised him! I had fun though. Nothing sound bad and its being great since its around my schoolmates. Thankyou fer putting everything all together.

I did some baking which were quite delicious.
Here, cupcakes fer le boifee.
that's all to proved on everything.
yeah! i did!

Special Acknowledgements:

To this 2 guys. MR.CHARLIE and MR.PERTO.
Thank you fer all supporting which i could not have done this without all of you. Haha. Plan sana, plan sini. Sorry susah kan kamu-kamu. But, fer sure i was very happy and i could not even have asked fer a better outcome like we did! Kita berjaya!! The experience is amazing, to say the least. Thank you again charlie and friends, perto and emma, because you brought me closer to my amirul, because you brought me closer to my goals in life which i wish too.

Forever and a day thank you, thank you, and thank you.

Kunun2 kacak habes- MR.CHARLIE-ku

Hot papa. euw. MR.PERTO-ku


JULY 2009 in memories

I have a wide circle of friends but very few close friends. Ok, one or two have let me down in the past, but nobody’s perfect and life is too short to hold a grudge. They have been there fer me since and that is all that matters. As stated above, I spent much of my teenage years and my early twenties in a battle with this people listed. Lets introduce em:

  1. Mashita Sahrom
  2. NorAsilah
  3. Roslina Md Darsah
  4. Mas Ayu Mazlan
  5. Norashikin
  6. Hanis
  7. Mohd Hadzril Adnan
  8. Farid Kamarudin
  9. Hilmi Nazarullah
  10. Zulfahimy
  11. Husainy
  12. Salehuddin Kassim
  13. Mohd Asyraf Akbar
  14. Asyraffadeen
  15. Illya
  16. Fuad
  17. Mohd. Taufiq Idrus
  18. Wan Mohd. Faris
  19. En. Khairul
  20. En.Tarmizi
  21. Cik Nina
  22. Mr. Charlie and friends.
  23. Mr. Perto and gf ever Cik Emma

Thank you buddies. Its great as everything is centred around. Not often we get together fer pleasure while we holds the happier around the waist and we slide together. These are the moments that warm my heart so.
To good times and great friends,
Thank you so much.
I will miss all that moments.




esok raya!

Sukacita dimaklumkan, uitm shah alam akan ditutup mulai 27 July sehingga 2 August.

Sumpah gile best

Lets berjimba-jimba!

Sunday, July 19

senget lah senget

Wakeup gile daddy lah awal. 6 a.m kot. Then, solat, take a shower, terus siap pergi class. Serious bapak awal dah keluar rumah. By, 7.30 dah sampai fac dah. Wah2. Memang the v v v besh student lah.Tapi, agak ragu-ragu lah. Macam takde orang sangat kat fac. Cuti ke ape arini? Takpe2, just buat2 muka cam rilex. Duduk kat cafe2 sorang2 layan coffee. Dah pukul 8 ni. Tak nampak pun bayang2 classmate. Text Acap, occay fine! Class cancel! Baboooooonn. Ni sume Luqman punya pasal. Boleh pulak aku orang last yg tahu clas cancel. Waduh2. Brengsett bangat. So, what to do? I wish i hadnt lost my temper. lalala. Up to now, being a fairly stable condition okeh kawan-kawan. No one ever cares about my feeling tau..Tisk2. Aceceh. Touching pulak :( Mestilah kene touching kot, sebab jadi orang yang paling last tahu. Dengan semangat nya sangat awal ke class. Grrr

Saturday, July 18

i will not broken

I feel the earth shifting beneath me,
but the survivalist in me refuses to let myself fall, refuses to be weak, refuses to give in.

i wont cry, i wont cry. I wish i wont cry again.

Please let me stop cried a lot. I want to live happier. Please. I wish to. I will figure it out. I am on an island I realize. Because it is really hard to lean on these bad things, lives and stresses and challenges. It is difficult to ask me to put all that aside just because I am having a bad day. Hubby’s needs are so high right now, I can’t ask him to deal with my whining. He left me. They left me. Everyone left me. While, i needs me to be strong and stable.
And so it feels weird because I think the healthy thing is to lean on others, but right now, it seems that the best response is to learn to be my own self. And fer smone like myself who used to require so much affirmation from others and was a 100% extrovert, it is good lesson fer me. To learn to lean on me, to learn that i can talk myself down, i can pick myself up, i can find hope. And i like that because then i never really feel alone.

Okay, I feel better.

Off too make my grocery list.

p/s: lesson of the day, jangan percaya sesiapa. Bila kita di dalam kesusahan. Semua entah ke mana. To be honest, i love to helped people. I love to make people happy. But then, all of them become my backstabber.


Gives a hoot

Smtms i want to write so bad it makes me cry but i cant get it out so i just sits there and let it rots. Smtms i think that the acids in ma life just corrode the hell out of the wires that hold my thought up n then they just bcome skeletons instead of scaffolding. Smtms i think writting publicly is the most pretentious thing i could ever do. But then again, its kinda like talking to the mirror bt u know that at least sm1 out there might b able to relate n b comforted by it.

Btw, tq fer always helping me n encouraging me. Fer supporting me and caring fer me. Tq fer being with me through this :)

Friday, July 17

A day of sobbing

Well I have the best friends ever.
(or had/or not)
we're the kind of people which always have inside jokes so whenever I do see them, they talk about stuff I missed and then say "ooh that's pretty much fer me..ajai, su, korang penyeri hidup dyra!"
and they treat me like i'm alive.
And now, they left :(

i can never have alone time when i have them. But now, i am nobody. I dont have anybody.I had my bff over before this and we went everywhere together. She left without saying goodbye. I had to text her and hour later to see if she remember me, and she left the entire me. And she keep so many secrets from me. When we used to tell each other everything. Any advice for the girl who is used to having her friends all the time and now ignored? ever happened to you? i am sad.

pls..pls..allow me to cry my eyes out as that is what helps me feel better. Speed time up so that i can forget them. So that i can see the light at the end of the tunnel and give that miracle that i have been pleeding for. Grant me the serenity and peace to accept all these things.

anyhow, I'll do appreciate them fer cherish me at melaka. Well, i am so happy. And fer thats why i cried a lot. My friend is probably had moved, and by move I mean leaving me.Out of State.But like I said, they are my bff, and they leave me alone. (Now, when I say that she is, I mean she most likely will.) A lot of my other friends are just kind of the people who are with me for a little while, and then they slowly drift apart. My other main friend is kind of leaving me well, but just emotionally, as in hanging out with other people i can forget them.

They have these special battle moves... And I'm just unhappy about it.

I practically hate everyone else except my boyfriend. (I know that if I'm in elementary school I seem kind of young, but it's just a title and means that your friends who hang out .does that make sense?Anyway, if my best friend leaves me, I'm going to be all alone and be the silent girl who has perfect grades and no friends again. I doubt I can have help for this in anyway...but any soothing and comforting is welcome...if at all possible.

I don't think I'm going to be able to move on.

i will miss u guys.

♥ nadiranur