Sunday, June 28

♥ Kawan kawen kawan

This is not about me, but it is all about my friends. I'll always be there fer em and help em stand back up. Hiks. tinggi nya harapan saya. Like i taught, saya sayang kawan-kawan saya :) sangat2 okay. Hope you all hv being well lahh. Recently, my girlfriends have all been getting married and i should have been in most of their wedds en.Soryyy cik Lyna, erk, Puan Lyna. Tak dapat datang. Unexpected illnes had occured. Demnit! However, it is such a privilege time fer them and congratulations babe. Obviously, thou our relationship begins to changes. Hehee. Kamu dah jadi Puan, while saya still single lagi :) Untuk Puan Immah juga! Thou i've had a hard time remembering that this is the way its supposed to be. So korang jaga laki baik2 ok. haha. Once they're married, it seems to be a lil harder. Well, i can feel at times that single woman like myself can't hv much to say in the way of accountability since i havent experience the things they are :)


Puan roslina (ceh dah puan dah) ni fellas time high school dulu. Sgt lembut juga orangnya. Well, really articulation in person. Most i like it. Enen, dia la teman se-per-TUSYEN-an dulu dulu. hee. We tusyen-ing together at Pusat Tuisyen MARTIN, Pudu. Wahh. What a kind person. Kami mmg pentingkan education. Kekeke Ye er? Yelahh tu en. Love love u much.



Enen, back to my kindnesss friend, makcik fatimah. hee. Recall fer Immah. Tapi, if tambah, imah-bok lagi best right. kekeke. Immah, I have been in most of ur wedding okay. Tak baik tau tuduh2 dyra tak datang. Sumpah dyra datang. Tak percaya tanya sumea yeeeh. Anywayyy fatimah, congrats fer that and ur newborn too. Wahh, gituu. Dah ada babyy. Where, we'd just met few weeks ago en? At last dapat juga ketemuk dengan baby fatimah ni. yay!

Alolo, cumeyy, if i'm not mistaken her name is Nur Farisha Hana. Wahh. Terer tak me-remind?haha. oh I'm soo grateful fer her. I feel i have less often to met all of u en? I hate that conservations can seem so one-sided at times, as if all directed without me. Is this just a fear of me that i dont speak-up? is it really a time fer me to allow others to work in these ladies lives.?No no no la. sukahati korg lah nak buat apa. Janji i tak kacau hidup u en??It is pride that i'm just wanting to be able to take part into their lives and not have em speaking into mine alone. Hee. bunyi cam kecik ati je kan. Anywayy, dearie friends, Best ke dah kahwinn??heee :)

And, last. My pre norm kakak. That always brighten up my life and do recall me selaluu dan selalu.
Ini kak emy. My Friend and kakak's friend at kmpk (Kolej Matrikulasi Perak) few years ago. Aceceh. Ayu gitu en?Sangat lembut gila dadyy kot. If on the phone dengan dia, even dah loudspeaker pun still tak dengar suara dia jugak. Kahkah. Ke aku yang pekak ke, tak tahu lah. Conpius.Okay. backin gehhh. Kak emy ni is the very very emotional person to begin with . She'll cry over everything if there is sm1 broked him. I think kak emy really needs to cry and just let everything out. Kesian gila kak emy. If aku lah jadi dia, dah lama dah aku pijak buntut Mr.N tu. I hate a man who do not appreaciate a kindnessness and nesss woman. Just like kak emy. And ME. Aceceh.I just dont want kak emy keep it all bottled up inside of her. But, i dont know what i need to do. Just to remind u kak emy, what a great person u are, wish u should be able to pick urself back up ahgain slowly through this. Yea yea! u should get the stay out of this crap from either him or perhaps other guys too. So, try and take matter into your hands okay! And this is time to booom the hitmann! Ke-boomm! Much ♥

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