Saturday, October 24

happy dewali

And so another week begins.
We had a superb weekend celebration.
I had been looking forward to this fer a while as it is a new addition to our holiday traditions.
and of course the first time meeting up b's bestfriend, MR. SHASHI.
great! It puts such a smile on my face.

the great fam!

thank you, thank you and thank you
Those moments make my day getting everything just right, and soo worth it!



Wednesday, October 14


syg, lala miss u a lot!

if u were here, i will give u as much affection as possible.
nk hug iman..

love u syg.
muah muah

Tuesday, October 13

Lack of Attention

Some things were things i knew
that i may see my own feelings and frustration.

hi! this post sgt not necessary sebenarnya. Tp, like i said, this blog is my zen place of exposure. Okay, let me say. I'm suffer. I'm suffering of tiredness. Byk sgt assignment. Byk sgt test. And of course i was suffering the most from all this.

And he...
do not giving me the love that i really need.
So, i was acting out in every way possible to get some attention.
It made me sad.
I started crying and crying.
I could look back and i could see it.

Apparently, i wanting some touch, some love by getting help to make me stands on the ground.
I just didnt get it.

Thats all i need.

Thursday, October 8

What a weekend

i was suppose to post this earlier
okay. No excuses, i was lazy.
basically, it was my family gathering at:
AIR TERJUN apa ntah?

ok, lets take a quick glance fer all those my captured!

introducing..Lil' me (the gediks ever)

This was suppose the most blasting incredible day with le family.
ala2 family day camtu lah.
wah gitu!

All those representing my le' cousin plus siblings and..
siapa lagi? iman al-farissi lah.

Sumpah Best! There can be a lot of moments.
and i will take it.


of course the moment is fleeting, bt that is y i try to capture and savor each bit of goodness as much as i can.

Briefly showing mine:

and finally end lah my babbling.

Friday, October 2

nothing too complicated

i suppose this short update will do!
anywayyy..its all good till now.
i usually end up hacking it off.
i will back in normal lahh LINE SEVEn-ku.