Friday, April 8

Guess who is turning 26? Booo!

Today is the day, but I forget what day is it? Is it Mother's day?Or maybe father's day? Could today be the day when we see the Queen? maybe we will dress up in our scary costumes, yelling boo as people pass..Let's see. I think all these might be wrong..but what day would it be?Oh yes! I now hear the birthday song..guess who is turning 26! Boooooooo! (Haha)


Wishing you special happiness, wonderful memories and all the very best on your birthday and for every single day of your life.

Pictures below (Gucci Guilty) refer to above matters. Your birthday present from me. Will arrive in BB ahead. Yeah! Wait for it! *Mwa mwa*

Through tears and laughter and your sisterly hugs and kisses...I've watched you grow into a pretty princess...writing these lines to wish Happy Birthday again and again to an amazing sister like you.

We are sisters by chance and friends by choice. Wish you many happy returns of the day.

Friday, April 1

Prior stage of my journey, I did learn a lot!

Life is made up.

Not of a great sacrifices or duties.

But of a little things, in which smiles and kindnesses and small obligations are given habitually to me.

For my super great manager. Madam Mei, to my super senior colleagues, Kak Mi, Kak Wan, Kak Wati, Kak Zo, Kak Z, Kak Yana, Kak D, Kak Id, Kak Linda,Farhan, En. Razali, Abg Fairus, Abg Hirwan, Jackie, Hajar, Mint, a big thank you. That are what win and preserve my heart, and secure comfort. Hoping for a better journey..