Saturday, June 27

♥ down with those kiddos ♥


Its came naturally to me.
I was told that I would be a wonderful aunt ever.
I had no reason to think otherwise.
I knew motherhood was the one thing that I would be perfect at.
*hiks. Is that bothering you?

Mandi first enen baru jln2 okayy ichi.
So, I still patronizing "so what is your day like?" or "doing right through the hols?".I just laugh and think, at least i dont have to work. haha. Being home is great. Eventually, the weather is cleared, and we got out more. If we wanting more. Rite Ichi?

Successfully done!

Then one day I noticed something different. I wasn't depressed. I wasn't bored. I was an aunty. I don't know when it happened or why. Perhaps, I just needed time to adjust to the new me, the stay-at-home aunty.kehkeh.


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