Sunday, November 28

Pil Tidur

A moment when i'm in a bed, waiting to fall asleep, i just have that pause where i just think about everything. Life. Love. Family. That emotional session where it's the right time for me to blog. Did you feel the same way too? Hmm. Or justtt.. it was only me with this feeling?

Friday, November 26

For me

A real man cries even when in front of a girl.
A real man wears pink without hesitation.
A real man never fights without a reason.
A real man shows fidelity to a relationship.
A real man respects girls in all aspect.
And a real man ends a relationship before he starts fooling around.

Is there was a "real man" i'm looking for?

For Real

Sometimes, u just need to distance yourself from people. If they care, they'll notice. If they don't, u know where to stand.

love, dyradrea

Monday, November 22

An evening of unexpected bliss

Look good, made me "Look Good"

It was fun! It was awesome! It was great to have them iaitu "diorang":
Dan mereka adalah..jeng jeng jeng

My beloved nephew:
Iman Al-Farissi (as above)
Idd Al-Farissi (as below)

And peace!
Sister too!

Cik Rafeah
Cik Lili e e e

Tapi kenapa "diorang" fun, awesome, and great kan?

Tahu tak kenapa?

Sebab korang gila.

plus gedik

plus budget hot. Plss lah

Tapi sayang sekali, korang still a loser.

sebab kenapa?
sebab kakak korang ni jugak yang ter-paling STYLE.
and korang Major double loser. Sekian.

P/s: Korang, ok tak sebab-sebab yg tertera ni? BWAHAHA

Saturday, November 20

Shit shit shit. I want this!

Ok. Mama marah sebut "Shit" for many times. Tak kisah lah mama. I want this! I'm just over these perfumes. Seriously. Kak Mariah, you are really killing me. But oh, never mind. At least these inspired me for an effort in seeking job to greater earn more money! Bwahaha. And yes, NOW I KNOW, this is all about MONEY! MONEY! AND MONEY! erkk! *dead*

Here is Candy Perfume I want :)

Woot woot, and here again are the most unusual things I have been looking for lately. Sampai siang malam termimipi mimpi. Terbayang bayang. Tercari cari. Ohh Mariah Carey.

by: Mariah Carey

Umphh so, apart of it, this is my favorite of three.
I was hoping for:
Oh I were dying to try it, hopefully I will have a better luck. Seriously, serious, serious shit, I want this :(
♥ dyradrea

p/s: Itu pasal lah saya beria update resume hari ini. Haha :P
Ini semua Kak Mariah funya fasal. hish!

Tuesday, November 16

No small miracle, and so this is my sacrifice :(

Salam Eidul Adha People,

I have so much to write about. So much. As u know, and now i know. I am still me. Still a 24 me who cant never stop crying for her every night. Everything that comes out of me is authentically mine, because i alone choose it. I own everything about me: my body, my feelings, my voice, all my actions, whether they be to others or myself. I own my fantasies, my dreams, my hopes, my fears, my success, all my failures and mistakes. And oh fine i admit, i'm a loser between me and u. However i look and sound, whatever i say and do, and whatever i think and feel at a given moment, its all drama. I want to be strong. So strong just like u. But i never think, never do, that i can, Yes! "I can't!" I'm still in need of u. I am me. I am not okay. From the past until today :(

Oh Allah,

"Truly my prayer, my SACRIFICE, my LIFE and my DEATH are all for Allah the Lords of the Worlds. I divert my attention to the Lord who created heavens and the Earth, as one by nature upright, and i am not of the idolaters. Oh Allah, this SACRIFICE is from You and for You. In the name of Allah. Allah is the Greatest."

love, dyradrea

Friday, November 12

Decision! Decision! Decison!

The decision i made recently was not easy. At this point of my life, there is no "Unsure answer" just like:

- Oh I dont Know.
- Errr..entah la.
- Yeww. Takut nya!
- Takmau..Takmau..
- Isk! Taknak lah.
- alaa..

Ok ok. Just put aside this rubbish and this is what i know for sure: I AM ALL GROWN UP. haha! I wish i can decide my life on my own. It is challenge i am willing to take to follow my heart. I may hv made the right decision and life will be alright or i may have made the wrong turn and turned my life upside down. Whatever it is. Dyra, tolong jangan nak perasan macam konon konon tough. I know I am. Argh! Tolong!

Tuesday, November 9

Dyra turns 24

AND NOW, at 24th
i know for sure
True friends are forever.
They are the one we should appreciate.

12 cupcakes X 2 bestfriend = is 24 babes!

For the record, at this 24th, i spent my 24 hours, doing about something, yet unexpectedly turns out to be a job well done.
I am officially completed my thesis report due on:
8th November 2010

Dear younger me, Congratulations! Ehee :)