Monday, June 8

Send me to that maker!

I hate u the person that who you're today and afterwards. I know u too well now. Thank you.

Stop disturbing us... you humans! by rednivaram.

See. An elephants show their backs to you! Jerk you!

A proper introduction of myself.

I know that the fact I make are all part and parcel of the journey I have to take to reach my ultimate destination.
I don’t wanna be perfect, and of course i ma not too perfect.
I just want to belong.
To curve out my own niche, a place that’s mine fer me to share.
And here's the blog i belong fer exposure.
Not fer make people gonna be mad.
Thats are not totally me.
Then again, i dont ask u to read or even make a judgement.
Who do you think you are? GOD?Astaghfirullah.
I want to explore myself, by giving life a try and sticking it to the system.
I am under no system but I do got systems running my anatomy.
Thats why I breathe, thats why I sweat and thats why I live.
Like every other day, I am just carving on the wood.
Giving it shape as I go along, eventually it will be complete.
Thats when it will make sense to everybody else.

ignored em'

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