Friday, June 26

muahh Ichi

It's been quite some time since i've last updated. Penat lahh. I'd get rested. And, rest pun da penat. Well now, i am hommeee! and its such a relief playing with my Ichi fer every single day. Ichi kuchi kuchi. My waLawaLa beloved nephew. Anakku anakku. I'm in love with you.

Iman Al-Farissi

Kakak did this shoot a while ago kot. I saw this pic kat laptop lelaki nya. And since he is my nephews, I have so so many favs to put more. So should be splitting his pics between two. Sebab, budak ni sgt perahsan. Si Ichi ni sgt gila camera shoot and mirror. Tak kira la even side mirror kete bapak nya pun.
haLahaLa. Budak ni buat saya tak tdo melayan dia. I had a great day relaxing with Ichi and enjoying my short hols. ok lah tuh! Like a taught, is a good relaxing SPA fer fulltime student. heh. Wanna try? Meh dtg jupe Ichi. Sure tenang. Fer more, i must say it will be enjoying an especially inspiring, productive, joy-filled fer a week. Haha, promote anak buah plak.


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