Thursday, June 4

i am hot. And you?

agree witme when i say its freaking steaming in the afternoon these days! its like u're living in an oven. Gileh panas wey! sooo hot! Grr. I hate hot!! Anywayy, since its such a hot afternoon, i need someone. Oh pls. brought this one fer me!!!! If you were, well, u're Pretty good :)

ooh la la~ delicious carbonara. my all time fav. Its not as thick and chessy compared to the one i ate before. Therefore, its not that filling. But, its still yummy!

bee, brought me fer one. ok ma??
Siapa nk blanja shaya???dia comelll!!

just drop by ur fon num. I'll call u later. haha :) miang~

♥ babydoll

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