Friday, May 29

Real life is calling!

28th may 2009

Yay!, it was my Convocation day. Finally, I can call myself a “Graduate”. I have received the right in the form of scroll to call myself as a graduate. It’s a great feeling which I cannot share in words. It seems like whatever I have given and took from my past studies does makes a lot of sense today. It’s the way how life keeps going on. I feel glad to be the part of this beautiful world where I have got the chance to gain knowledge and imparting the same with others.

and, here, this is legally mine. I'm not that copycats from *****. I'm totally satisfied with what i got.
Thank's God.

To add to that, I got that "Anugerah Naib Canselor". Thou, ia tampak agak poyost, it was a very good and quite nostalgic experience. I was so soo happy. And I must say it took quite some effort to achieved this. So, salah ke nk bangga kejap?haks!

As I was up on stage, hearing the claps from the crowd, I was filled with joy and pride, and really thankful for each and everyone fer their support, friendship and care, which gave me the motivation to work hard and ultimately gained through this.

eventhou, saya agak bjaya, tp, tak over gitu.tehee. itu lagi penting. compared to others who gained nothing. oupss!

It is great day for me. My mum and daddy came along with me fer convocation day.Tapi, kakak n adik2 tak dpt attend. How sad u! Shian illy, tringin nk tgk kakak dia pkai slempang. uwaaa!! no pict with them. Sgt tak best!!!
takpe adik2, nanti kamu semua mesti dapat pakai ini jugak ok.
Blaja rajin
apa yg penting??KERJASAMAA.. T_T

ayah, mama.This is fer you. I've did my best. And hopefully too well fer both of you.

After that, it was photo session with the two venerables. What made me felt likely to cry, when si aqilah and si nazren comes fer my day. Tharu bai! sigh*

Anyway, I still felt grateful because at least I was able
to meet the venerables as well as my lovely roomates.
I had a great blasting day then.

i'll leave it to your own interpretation. Am i look happy? Well, you know the ans.

si nazren
*the photographer*

si aqilah
"the model tambahan*

Then again, after a long time I met my friends on my convocation day.

mereka2 ini kawan2 tersayang saya. So, it was the most memorable day of my life. Most of my friends are well settled. Congrats kamu2!

si opie ini former friends saya the arau. We compete each other. And all the things, i'd won! Yay!

To all my friends, this isn’t the end,
It’s only the start of our journey apart,
We’ll leave here today & go our separate ways,
But in the end you’ll always be my friends.

Never forget all the time we’ve had,
The happy, crazy, even the sad,
I’ll never forget you, don’t even forget me,
All I can say is we are finally free.

Friends will come and friends will go,
But no matter what, I want you to know,
No matter whom you are with,
No matter where you are,
Always remember, memories aren’t far.

Our lives together may not be through,
But if it is, remember I care for you,
I know we all will survive,
It’s not in any of us to fail,
And as you know,
It’s our time to turn to set “SAIL’.

May all sentient beings be well and happy always.
Love you friends. Good Luck fer more.


from ayah and mama

from aqilah-ku


What a beautiful gift i have! I feel so blessed by the amazing people that comes fer supporting me. Muah! Thank you mama, ayah, aqilah and nazren, nurul ainun and joe, iza and khai.
Thank you fer your wisdom and insight! Love all of you the most!!

Flowers from ayah!

Flowers from mama!

Flowers from aqilah!

Flowers from Nurul Ainun!

Cutey Pooh doll from Iza!

It is a particularly good time fer love, and relationship, and fer taking action. Thank you ahgain darl!


Fer those who helped get me here, I didn’t have any forum for acknowledging those who got me here.
So here it goes:

I want to thank deary AYAH and MAMA fer being excellent mentors and fer sharing their experience and wisdom with me.

I want to especially thank le boifee, En.Mohd Khairul Amirul fer prompting me to do some of the best thinking and writing that I have done in my life (so far) and fer being a great boyfriend ever.cehh!

I want to thank all the other students in my classes - I learned so much from all of you. If you have read this blog while I have been thinking out loud over the past few years, I’d like to thank you for your attention; and if you left comments I need to give you a big thank you for provoking me to think more deeply and critically about my ideas.

Finally, and most importantly, to all my beloved lecturers fer supporting me while I was working hard on this.
I couldn't have done it without you.

arghh.penat.entry ter-panjang in my blog.ngehngehh


♥ babydoll

Wednesday, May 27


i am daymn tired!
p/s: later on i'll be updating. frankly speaking: freakin' tired tired tired tired lol!

Thursday, May 21

Superbaby ngek!

I am happy today

you know, I’m really at a loss of words right now about the emotion. I feel like so much has already been said. Really, I feel like I just woke up from a nightmare because he has made some very comfortable moments… and I’m happy today, just because after 6 years, I can finally be proud of myself.

Fer those, my convocation day is at 28th May (Thursday). If applicable, do come fer me. Tq! but not necessarily. Haha :)

babydoll :)

Wednesday, May 20

of course we care what others think!


Though, saya rasa saya perasan
tapi, tak seperasan yang lain.

hiks! nampak menarik itu penting.

I like to look good.
I like to feel good.
and..if make-up or outfit helps me in that, well then that a good thing!

Just remember the diff between vanity/self-hate/obsession.
We cant dislike things about ourselves.
So, saya tak kesah if orang tak suka saya! Totally not necessarily mlayan perasaan orang2 yang tak betul, yang rasa diri dia btul, sgt baik, an angel lah kunun. Who gives them a daymnn care anywayyy?
So, kamu lah yang lagi perasan.
fer me, you are crossing the line.
Wanting to be/look your best is a good way to live, but when it crosses the line into the point, that says a lot about the level of vanity you may or may not have.

* saya yg baik!

of course: BABY