Friday, April 30

i'm here..kind of..

All of a sudden,
for those with brave hearts who believe in studying ONLY a day before the exams.
Yes! i do!
then, tak boleh jawab exam, menangiss!

ok, ini subject gila.

and the strategy goes like this:

whoa..and the most important was this!
takut bateri calculator not sufficient enough, make the other strategy, ceh.

Semoga Berjaya
For me

Sunday, April 25


As i'm not expected today, u will find me lying on bed quite a bit recharging, basking in the accomplishment of the day before, and trying to shake off all the emotion that is weighing me down.


Thursday, April 22

Because everyone else too

As my final exam is going on, im full of tension and am not able to concentrate on writing something new.

hmmphh :(

Wednesday, April 21

i'm here

i look forward to sharing image from many of my adventurous over the last few days
with so much love in my heart and clear head.

Mr. kekasih, tq rajin melayan kerenah saya :)


Tuesday, April 20

♥ Syazwani Zaaba

"Age is strictly a case of mind over matter.
If u dont mind, it doesnt matter."
- Jack Benny

Happy Birthday Enot!

i ♥ u

Now, at the age 24th, life has truly just begun. Hope and wish ur dream come true. Along the way, a gorgeous view :)

Best wishes,

Bro, salamat po!

Congratulations to u brother

Jay-e & Niedzra

May ur wed life be as nice as it can be.
A day that leaves warm, happy thoughts within ur memories.
Wishing u both a very very happy and blessed married life.

p/s: mind of Jay-e, will be in mind of me, tq bro :)

Best regards,


i'd got mood swing today. urmm..well, perempuan..
i merajuk, dia pujuk. dapat coklat. terus diam. ingat nk tahan buat muka marah, tp tgelak pulak :)

padan muka. lainkali jgn buat i marah.

Haha, budget diva

Fyza Fizry

Celak mydin
This is wut i mean
should try!

Monday, April 19

Tak Takut lah. Saya boleh!

Anyway, it's the last week of Uni, and true enough. We're getting nearly to final exam. sigh!

takpe, saya pandai
saya tak kesah

and maybe i ought to change my blog layout, supaya tampak matang sedikit.
ok! tunggu ada masa.

Wednesday, April 14

Some days...

some days things just seem to flow.
we are all in rhythm with each other.
malas nak layan.

by then,
i wish.. i wish.. i wish..
to be continue...

Hal dunia dan manusia

i keep on wondering, y every body concern only fr his own benefits?

bt i knew that there must be hands which shows the right way fr the right ppl.

thanks to those hands i wish that all the hands become this hands.

Thursday, April 1

Hey copycats!

Please stay awayyy from me!
periuk letrik betul lah.
cakar muka kau kang!