Thursday, June 11

Never! if possible


fasting fer everything
uarghhhhhhh!i dien hav anything.oh God. Should i?oouh pehless.
Help me lah. Saya dah jatuh miskin.How much is enough?How much do you need to feel like you are living in prosperity and abundance?
Do you know?Do you think it is even possible?I used to say that I need money.I always needed more money.I was always coming from a position of lack.I used to joke that I had a disease called "fundsalow"you know what it is?
Funds Are Low!
this is the term wer finance student used to say la kann.hahAnd that’s exactly what I got.I was always short of money!i dien hav enuff money.fer everyday

iman tlg mama-lala. Paw mummy iman lah k!
me-nguek la budak nih nt.
*euw. air liur iman mleleh!!!

yay! so, bile takde duit,
blk umah.
main ngn iman si toet!

p/s: alasan! dah takde duit baru reti blk umah en. ngehnhgeh.shh....

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