Monday, November 30


my next door neighbour just passed away

Just got a knock at the door n it was my other neighbor, Cik Gayah, telling me that my neighbour just passed away. All of them got an excident on their way back here from Kelantan. Oh my..they are too young, that arwah was just 34 years old, got anak kembar, and those kembar were in ICU now. i will pray fer them and i sincerely believe that they was a good person. God bless him and his family.
Moga-moga roh mereka di tempat kan di kalangan org-org yg beriman.

xoxo, dyra.

Sunday, November 29


Finally i feel so relax and free.
And i only realised it today.i’m so stupid all this while. and to night will be the last time i cried since...sigh. ferget it :( It got nothing to do with that. bcz now i feel more confidence and social status are more important. Tq MR.NABIL fer all these pictures, which gives me smthg that i really need..

. Peacefulness.
i love to have this fantastic view of the green through my windows i wish..
thanks to the photographer. PEACE :)

xoxo, dyra.

p/s: next time i will back with more pics taken from MR.NABIL's album. more to go!

deep down inside

So full of shit.
i know i am bcoming more selfish n bitchy. i am training myself to b more patient and mature bt end up being more grungy n hot-headed. i throw tantrums on those closest to me and then i start blaming and hating myself fer being such a monster.There is nt one moment that i feel worthy at all. i feel myself shrinking all the time. Sooner or later i will be as insignificant as dust.
eyyy..i dont want your fake smile..
xoxo, dyra

My tears burn the pillow

i got what i need
so tell me what u need

now i'm all cried out over u. i'm not craving fer sympathy. i'm not craving fer warrior. i'm not craving fer material. i'm not craving fer your money. but i'm craving fer your love. hahaha..i'm just craving. wutever major loser.

Then, lets berjiwang-jiwang till berkarat-karat :)

Rossa feat. Pasha Ungu

Waktu bergulir lambat merantai langkah perjalanan kita. Berjuta cerita terukir dlm menjadi sebuah dilemma. Mengertikah engkau perasaanku tak terhapuskan. Malam menangis titis embun membasahi mata hatiku. Mencuba bertahan di atas puing-puing, cinta yg telah rapuh. Apa yang ku genggam tak mudah untuk aku lepaskan. Aku terlanjur cinta kepadamu. Dan telah kuberikan seluruh hatiku. tapi mengapa baru kini kau pertanyakan cintaku. Aku pun tak mengerti yg terjadi. Apa salah dan kurang ku padamu. Kini terlambat sudah untuk dipersalahkan kerana sekali cinta, aku tetap cinta.

xoxo, dyra.

Saturday, November 28

Our day in pictures


i can tell i feel the love from us and, so we dont protest strongly.

Even tak jupe every day pun, i try to be comfort with it.
as we are willing to giv n take more bcz i do. it just fits goooddd...
huaa. palsu nya saya. okay i try i try palsu kan lagihh

i dont feel like evil gf, i feel like loving gf . Hell, kind of like sangat gampang, and on this semester hols, i am sick n would be flying solo, well, there just couldn’t hv been better timing. oh idk.

as i thought:
“we do maintenance on our car bcz it need it n is important to keep it running well. we dont even think about it”
it is the same fer marriages or relationships. i so agree. we could not see the forest for the trees and understand what was going on. maybe we needed sm1 from the outside to look in and point it out for us.

yea. today saya beria-ria berpujangga.
xoxo, dyra.

Either so up or so down

Hello peeps!
How things goin?
What can i do to take care of myself n do the things i know bring me peace and happiness?

And then i wish i can kick my butt into gear and start to think n making sm changes that nid to b made in our daily life to support where we are.
i need to do it. it seems so big and hard, so i ignore it.
so, i try to kill time on Facebook, stare off into blogging n blogging. sebab saya buhsan sgt!
What shud i do then?
i just need to start sm where and i think i might surprise myself at how it falls into place if i exert a little effort.
kecewa nya dgn diri sendiri...


i am sure i sound like a broken record bcz i talk about these bebel-ing a lot. y do i always hv to remind myself to do this stuff? y do i always stop doing what is so good for me? i don’t know .i am a women, life gets intense sebab nya saya cepat touching. Err smtms i hv to drop the emotion n just hold on bcz life is about to get bumpy, or really wet, or dirty, or whatever the case may be.But i cant! tak boleh tak boleh. how to become lembut, pemaaf, n tak pmarah? ohh shits. i realize its my weakness. ok saya admit..

with that, the cavalry has arrived and off i go..

xoxo, dyra.

my friendship stories

It was so cool and we all had such a good time.

Really, they are. And they aren’t all the same, i am an open book wif ppl, bt i can hv a faith on them quite sometimes. HAHA.What i hv now is a wide circle of people from various groups and who are all themselves very different. Some are more like me, some much less, but no one is in the same place or exactly like me. I don’t talk to everyone every day and sometimes weeks can go by before i see them again.

lets first introduce them, yana , whoaa! i adore her. beauty mania lah u yana.
link her here:
*lady in blue

and dora (i dunno y i love her)
*lady in pink
maybe she just fit me better unlike others.
muackks dora!

then again. fuhh, too many layers to introduce, ok start from next to me:

*lady in grey tudung

she's the most i love! i do very much enjoy all the different personalities she gives surround me.

*lady at the back with smilin.

i get to know her from form three. My tuition-mate. Jelita sangat! i like her faces.

*lady in black tudung

ahah. She is soo funny. She might be a kindred spirit and a great friend that i am missing out on. Miss u!

*lady in blact tudung wif green baju

friends since age ok. From primary school, untill now.

*lady in white shirt

the smallest one. hee. One statement can equal crisis. beg plastic la. actress let met shut my mouth out.

* lady in black baju

i loike her name. Sarah sakinah. kindness still.

*lady with spectacles, rightside

oh, she is sopan. i respect her.

*lady in black tudung stripe baju
i feel secure when i'm with her.The awesome feeling of having that one person who knows u inside and out and really cares for u
(and often times gets u better than your spouse).
i love u mashi n always need u besides me.

It feels like high school in some ways.
Tehee :)

They are there, maybe not every day, not even every week, but they are there.

And maybe that is what all this is about.
And yes, my friend is there, but I think as we woman know ..
we still need friends.
So, we should respect each other, i dont need that disrespectfulness.
As i giv a full respect fer all of u.

Well, that is a line of crap from me. Hehe.
i realize that i am happiest when i hv that one close friend who is my “partner in crime”.
When u hv a fren like that, there is little room fer insecurity or uncertainty bout the relationship. u talk almost every day kn. tapi bukan mengumpat. it is like a constant connection.
u know where u stand n when anything happens u know who u will call.

Macam tu lah kawan.

Mine is the tough captain who can handle it all, do it all, and be there whenever sm1 need me. i am superwoman and i am fine. Sure i hv grumpy days, bt u guys don’t worry about me. i hv operated that way fer the past few years. And perhaps life supported me in such a way that this frenship was nt easy to keep up because it was mostly stalkers. In the past year, it wasn’t as easy, but a captain was needed and i am great at playing that role. Lately i am allowing my vulnerability to show more….and i think i prefer the faith…i like that reality better.and finally, i met them again.

xoxo, dyra.

Friday, November 27

Congrats sista!

I only have those kids of brilliant ideas more often.

YES! minah kecik bwh ni was my sister, we call her Peah. HAHA
Real name: SITI SUFIA NUR lahhh
Being a smart kids, she's got 5A's in UPSR and yes! we were proud of her then.
Alhamdulillah..we shall thank Allah fer this :)

Despite the naps she had in the classroom, tak study mana pun, perasan je lebey, hafal lagu je keje dia hari-hari, tak abes2 main myspace, facebook dia, makeup sana, makeup sini, and her non-stopping gaming, we knew that she would do well. its just that we..errr me..personally, being too scared that she'd be over confident and did nothing to excell.

Back from her school, obtaining the result, and when i ask her, i fear she would b dissapointed fer smthg she did nt deserve. Somehow, hearing mama's cheerful at the other end, and ayah screaming like a...its enuf to convince me that she has got wat she wants. She's one smart girl i know i love very much pleased that she does so well in her studies so far.

Talking to mama in the car today, i told her that she could choose to be in any best school she wants. We just hope that she would make the right choice fer her future, n maintain the good record she has established so far. Ayah, mama, kakak, me, abg2 hope that SUFIA will remain as an excellent student as she has been so far. Without putting solat an doa, restu mama ayah n the whole fam, added wif good behavior, her journey to achieve her dream will insyaallah come true.

fer ur achievement so far.
We all have missions to accomplish. Make sure u know yours. Be yourself!


xoxo, dyra.

When signals cross..Hello! excuse me!

i'm in anger

When smthg dark, let me shed a little light on it.

When smthg cold, let me put a little fire on it. Fire!!! watcaaa!

When smthg broke, i wanna put a bit of fixin on it.
(wait fer me heyy u)

When smthg gone, i wanna fight to get it back ahgain!

i will fight! fight! fight! to get it back ahgain. Dont u dare to hit me. Because i'll hit u back! After that, i am ready to dig in n make sm changes around here. Fer you, NAJWA HUSSIN.
It is what i will do.

Yeah. I promise u.
Apa punya org lah anak uncle Hussin tu.
Smthg goes wrong with her. Padahal aku tak kenal ko pun.
mind on this hey miss:
What's saved in my mind, could be one last lifetime.

xoxo, dyra.

Pretty cool Eid Al-Adha

I think we had adapted

Yesterday we are gathered going to celebrate Aidil Adha. or most ppl would call it Eid Al-Adha. Its a celebration muslims all over the world celebrate at the end of the Hajj aka annual pilgrimage to Mecca. Then, we had a really great morning with variety of lauk pauk as a pre-norm during the Hari Raya, n of cos my family going for Solat hari raya together. Though we dont hv those opppurtunity to Mecca together yet. Kat rumah pun jadilah.

Since we are in complete members. We do take a memorable snap with my whole members accordingly. Back from solat, we took this pic,
and therefore knows exactly, who we are..
*i was that whitee one

presenting all those my beloved siblings. heee. we will jump into craziness when we were gathered together. Pecah kpala gelak! Pose sana pose sini. Sengal

We had walked through so much happiness and shits together as daddywif his and daughters. We cant live without ayah. Because ayah was our "everything"

We also made the maaf-bermaafan session during al-adha. yup! it is necessary.
Luckily, mama got ayah. I just want to follow them as i thought they are a very very loving couple forever. i hv learned that i am going to make this things too when i'm married my amirul hiks!

We had a good time with this baby, because it was his first time celebrating Eid Al-adha.
Iman Al-farissi, today is Hari raya Haji or Hari raya Qorban.

At surau, we introduce him a cow.
"Iman, this is lembu..moo..moo..moo..."
guess what? he's following us:
wahh..! wonderful eid al-adha..iman can pronounced that mooo..even it was his first time knowing the lembu. Amazing!

Shayang dia. He is the one yg asik nk melekat dgn aunty dia ni je..lala shayang dia la..tak tinggalkan dia.
He will crying if i leaves him..
as iman calling me mama lala

encem nya dia pakai kopiah..

And then, we had some delly meals made by our beloved mama.
there was:
rendang ayam + rendang daging + nasi impit + kuah kacang + laksa


mama wif daughter

So the coolest thing did happen during this celebration!
Oh, and if you want to know who the real ppl is in the family, well, take a look at our outfits.

It is nice to have these memories to remind us that we laughed just as much.

And finally, this capture end off our hari raya.
see! iman wass so happy celebrating it:
"Allah hu akbar..Allah hu akbar.."
iman thus like to hear it.
ohhh kids...

xoxo, dyra.