Monday, March 30

rain..rain..go away. SLEEPY

i am smelling the air of freedom.uwaaaa. I'm so relieved and looking forward to the hols.Lots to do! Wanting to change those boringgg layout.ergh! Finally, i'm done wit one of the journal tittle "Consumer Innovativeness on e-banking Adoption." ..uhm *breathes* i dun know wut im reviewing about. And there is one more articles to go with. haha. Am i enough qualified to be a good reviewer?wahh.absolutely nott!'s been a quite few days since i've blurted out my nonsense. Before I started declining, hv a quick glance at my little cam.heee

nighty night folks.


the busy-ness

Its so annoying to feel like doing smthing else but I can't. I'm being so paranoid over assignment bcause I hv to get it right fer the first time. I think I'm bcoming ngok-ngek fer a lil'bit. This week has been a busy week fer me.Y? Asignments. I said no fer too many of ppl who asked me to go for just teh-tarik. So lifeless of me,gehhhh.This what I've been doing: thinking about what to write when starting to critique/reviewing the journal, while i'm trying to fall asleep. (multitasking :P). sleeping a whole day by 7 a.m until 5p.m in a row.gahaa.

I wish i could say screw assignments. But, I know I cant. Arghh. Met up with ajai, su and zura. Eating/Dine together. After having a long nap at room. Seeing pic on board.Thinking of my bloved fam, ayah. mama,my lil sis, walso iman al-farisi ku.uwaaaa. Sadness still. Only did I realize i miss them soooooo much..

p/s: I miss them a tonnes and i am started telling everyone i'm crying fer every n8 bcause of this.only now did i realize how much i miss them.

NN baby

Sunday, March 29

nothing too complicated

wah wah wah. seem a very long time i dien write a blog. any blog.ok lets start it.

This weekend has got to be the laziest weekend ever. There's a lot to do, and I'm barely there. Research assignment has finally be handed up without any confidence.arghhh! It's complicated. Test is this 2week around, but yet I'm so distracted by everything else. Determination is nowhere to be found.

On Friday evening, it was the official first, first? it is nt first actually. bt always first fer us.occay, cont, it was the officially first time,b (my bf) and I met after these long few monthss.. It's funny as I thought it was going to be awkward. Though we had conversations before meeting up, I still felt nervous. wahh. nervous fer everything. I need to be prepared to meet him.hee.To me, it's like meeting a new friend all over again! But I don't think thats the case for him as he remembers much more than I do. haha.poyo jee.

An extraordinary boyfriend of his tagged along and we had a delicious but nt an expensive japanese dinner at Jusco in Seri Kembangan. The food is good and I love the ambience. Then after, was meatball spagetti @ secret recipe with him again.

I feel thankful at this very moment and count my blessings.gahaa. love love u hunny.muahh.

Tht's all folks, dadaaa

love me,

Monday, March 23

peace! ok then.

For d time being, i did it twice in a day. It is hard actualy, thou i dun think i make it perfect.What else?rather than thinkin bout dit.Just let it go.That was more better.ngeehh.Sounds like self downturn ya ya ya.Oh no! i'm not! it'll be fine ok! i think.uhm.

One of the things I've been planning to do for a while is work on my research method(article review).Complete it.Well, start to make it done. Things are a little slower for me right now, so I've been trying to do that over the past several days. Ouh i'm tired mam.Fer me, if there is oppurtunities to feel woundorous it is.haha.sleep.sleep.sleep.zzzzz.hope so.

It's been an interesting process for a few reasons. kan kan?ye kot.It's making me look back at what I've done and how I've progressed, which is learning in and of itself. I'm also seeing new ways of putting some things together for different purposes that have me thinking more creatively. But I'm seeing holes in what I've done that need to be filled, too, so I think it's giving me a new learning agenda in a way.

Back tobasic.In my real life.and there is ppl known friends.Thou, im bzying, remember them,i still.Forgetting them, i dont.So, to n8 i started to relaxxx after several days struggling here n there regarding my presentation. Walk walk wall.till sm1's room. knock knock. They wont open up the door fer me.seh! pmalas tul!tau sape?ZURA.ngekkk.pmalas bukak pintu.

Nvermine.she's in pms today.quite moody n i dun care.haha.went in stillll.haha.looks like she was so sick/so tired/so done.Not a good day today. maybe she woke up at the wrong side of the bed, so she felt sick, haven’t arrived in choosing her favorable day.sigh. It will b fine Zura. I'll b there as long as u need me.this is wat we call friends like.Its gonna b ok dear! muahh!

the lil me,behind d side of u.always n always.

see! i still there whenever i, bear in mind. i'm special fer u.haha.perlu!

ahgain n ahgain i'll always there smiling with u occay.

the things is, dun u dare to think u're better cute than me. im better than u.haha.peace cik sharifah.sharifah nazura.luff luff u.

all we need is.staying together.keep on smiling.n its gonna b ok then.told u so.

eh.plakon tambahn. bt,i love them.all of'em who always giv me laughter n smile.tq.

new degrees of cool.yea! we are soo cool.ngeee.
love better.peace!

Supposedly, tomorrow will be a rest day, but no! I need to go to the class due to my bachelor schedule. Whew! My body is about to give up this week.
This is not good.ahhhhh! penattt!

end lah.



Saturday, March 21

he hurt me

why do he always hurt me?why he always play games witma heart?its really hurt me.he always show im nt enuff perfect for him. i hate all his pre norm languange. obviosly outspoken, but still there.i used to be who i'm used to be. he says he loves me.but he always made his choice without any thoughts and regard from me. so, how can he love me? i really dunno hw much more i can take, i'm dreading the lonely n8 and heart break of letting all this thing go. i cant talk to anyone as no one wants to hear it and are too busy wit their own lives. and u, just tell me how to get over it. tq.

the problem is.. i can't! its hurt to much pain fer me.

p/s: maybe i'm too pressure witma studies. plus everthing livin wit few nonsense ppl overther n over ere.its all disturbin me u noe! arghh!

love me,

Friday, March 20


capturing/ snapping/ posing/styler/other in relative.

in commmon, tis is a norms "student behavior".i dunno y i'm suppose to be like most of em. maybe i am one of the revolutionary victims.haha. Compatible wit this di
ffussion,besides pros and cons, its create a relation with those well known as mates ship.
wow! how correlated it is!

at the moment
we does it.

sitting together/turn on the camera/ a reverse effect/centered the position.
nice ya

here we go.

senyum-senyum, gelak-gelak

gedik-gedik, ngada-ngada

the whitee known as "siti" the sitiest.
she is enuff .better than me

cool brats known as nick, the Nickest.
grup asgmnt member.she is ok.sgt ok.

mama without papa. the Shidaest!
her nt mine.opps! mama, i wont begging u.

memey licious. the Mimiest.
kindness still.same habit witme. chew vigorously.gahaa

mereka baik-baik, so saya pun kne jadi baik juga

ouh well known, nurul ainun. NURUL ONE

ouh the most well-well known nurul farhana. NURUL TWO

last bt not least, he is the man. the man besides me.haha.
evrydy fetching me/ send back to college/provider/supporter/simply good listener/motivator/problem solver/dec maker/reviewer/and so on lah
lebey2 prahsan plak mamat ni nati.gahh gahh

finish la
im sleepy already.



searching here n ther.struggling more.perhaps by tis week being settle up all those things perfectly. but there are'nt. hhuhu. penat tao tak. noe guys,till i dun even spend my time/self for him.ouh i am sory. for the time being.i hope so,so much so,b can consider it more better.the things seriusly,really really in nid of him. im so damn tired. very tired. i dun have this strenght anymore.he is nt ther fer me.n of cos, im nt ther fer him .y this should be happen between us?is it there is any other element of is not! and sgt sgt not.NO intervention from the 3rd parties actly.statistically, it is caused from part of us. i i cant ever feel asleep. not enuff getting the harmonius rest. i want u, yes u la syg. come next next aside me. smday, i wish we wil be 2gether after several year we awaited. l stay n feel this insomnia really retain me to geting move ahead. this is all i need:

u are a part of my life.

and of course
the peacemaker
of mine



nadiranur HARD

Tuesday, March 17

rehearse! rehearse! rehearse!

particularly, i require to be well prepared for my mind/soul/body/language/emotion/ pyhsical/mental regarding my consecutives days of presentation. starting tomorrow:

wed (17/3) : research proposal presentation
thurs(18/3) : article review presentation + QMT test
fri (19/3) : debate for e-banking ( where i hold a role of reviewer)
mon (22/3) : BEL presentation 2 (no article review yet!)

so, what i need to escape skillfully from unexpected pannic attacks is: reherase! rehearse! rehearse!
i need to remember most of the slide/wordy and made the presentation like telling a story and giving a performance doing it. Performance requires rehearsal. It needs practice. Sadly, I don't get to do it often enough. i'm too bz with a lot of asgmnt.Occasionally I have bad performances. so, i dun want to repeat it ahgain! The recent week,I had given the presentation with a set of wondorous article. i hope so, i can do it again and perhaps more better. However,What makes it even harder is the "lecturer" which almost provides for feedback loop. oh pls. pls accept us!


chaiyok! chaiyok!

nadiranur HARD

Monday, March 16


I feel of the past previous weeks makes all the difference to those times and pulls me through and now I must pull them through...or, I think, show them the door, no pulling or pushing but maybe I should don't know when .You know la en, it is the fact,karma is everywhere or perhaps anywhere. The times what i used to think are right seem to be so wrong! So who's right? I'm right for me from my side.But wrong for them on their side, but isn't that temporary? Should I take what I was given and use it to balance things out now? let me say, pegi la mampos. sape kesah weyy!

Ah, and then there's him...goodness, kindness still, even though he's not been through aside of meh and yet haven't seen him, he is me,i am he and too much. And it is const
ant on him and he is still kind and good. His innocence will always be with me. Mine comes so far in between now...I need to get it back more often.

you're such the catalyst of my life.

and then again, I dont want to be influenced but i am so very much to get in. and if I wasn't what would I be, a revenge is the first thing came out from my head.Therefore, i know that thinking about a revenge are very much influenced also and it is nt good. oh really? who cares?

lets end lah. u will never yield anything, anything let u know, with all this wasting junkies-kies one. u'd better throw it away in a proper manner as u mum told so,rite. or maybe it is nt alrite fer u?ouh.wutever! luckily, i dun even mention the status who you are.where are you came from.but the fact is. you are from the area which can be considered for "org batak yg busuk hati seperti
kamo". tq.

baby, pls stop carrying with those fate .blv the Creators who create your path of life.

p/s: my dad/my mum/my bf are used to say, "dyra, biar org buat kita, jgn kita buat org". the que is .."till when?" till i cant no longer split out the toxin inside my brain? argh! gosh.

lets put the smile as usual i can be.
and this is the way i am.
quick to harsh/quick to forgetting/quick to create collaboration.

Sunday, March 15

Conclusion for Interaction

so many things happen in my life. and idk which one is better.
What was just as valuable was the mixing and exchange going on in the common area.
There is no substitute to face to face interaction to get the deal with ppl we really love and connect.
but it just dont matter. It was greatful to hangout with thoughful ppl.which led to be significantly more meaningful.
sm ppl got together for every day, but me not. thou we a
re indeed of " a need to coordinate".
Coordinate ourselves making
love going to eternity.

pls darl,let u know, i love u,so so much. i still need u. need u to hold me besides u.
i've been spending sm serious time on a variety of my immortal emotions.
and please excuse all the ums.
i think and stalls this was the final day of conflict and my brain was running a lil bit slow.

Wednesday, March 11

just drop by

(posted on: 10.52 a.m, lib PTAR2, Uitm Shah Alam)


I’ve been really bad at this simultaneous blogging thing.
Today blog seem to have an inverse relationship - posts go up on one, down on the other.
One day that will change. *Le sigh*
But in the last 10 minutes before my body shuts down… quotes I adore from the last week…

“My way of thinking is my way of thinking, and it has a right to exist.”
~ Audrey Bartis, thinker + friend

Spoken during a lunch of "chewing gum" and conversation with mates, (Memey, Shida, Siti, Kak Teh) after we finished our statitistical class.duh! an extravagant graphical linear we ever learned!

Shh..gtg to cont asgmnt..

p/s: curik tulang sat je..ngee!

love me, love me not


quirky girl gone mad

This morning I woke up in a calmness hardcore feeling.
By 10 am I was on the runway, taking off for my research proposal presentation.
A short 1 hours and 40 minutes later my preparation was complete and i am ready for the luncheon.
at sudden,
class rep (si acap yg ngek) : "ok guys, class cancel k arini"
me: ok thanks mr.acap. to doc, thanks a lot!
what the hack! blurb! im gonna mad. watcha! kick my ass!
duh! tak guna pn bria2 prepare for several days.daaa daaa diradddaaaa..da da da

so, went lunch wit cendol, cont my next class, go back to hostel.
bored and finally.
take a pich!





this is the way i am. With a little begging and pleading I was fortunate enough to fill the whole days of mine.

love me,
nadira nur

Monday, March 9

i was there last night

the memoir begin and end too fast

With utmost love and respect

Loaded with almost everything i owned

i thought, it is a long day complete.

jotting off a quick note to say that I had one of the best weekends ever!

and all in all, i just can say

daymn, daymn, daymn ke daymn!

i will miss u for my every single day

sumpah sedey gile babeng!

see you again and goodbye hunny.

today marks the end of my superb weekend holidayy. and what a great holidayy it’s been. i’ve had three consecutive days of amazing with ny beloved and fall more and more in love with this memories and all its energy every day.

at the end of weekend was filled with lazy strolls through my research proposal plus with QMT test tis coming thurs. but then again,a meaningful conversations and catch up with friends at sunway bought me the wonderful big deal.

rather than write out all the simple pleasures that made the weekend so beautiful, i’ll share this - today is only here once and then tomorrow it’s gone. so reveal in it.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow; Learn as if you were to live forever”
— Mahatma Gandhi.

peace. no. war

i love you

Wednesday, March 4

Sory my dear.

tonight i had to make a decision that was meaningful to me professionally and personally.
after a long, unexpected stresssful day of assignment execution, crisis in dilemma, do i choose to commit to my dinner or rush over to a toast for spendining a lil' time for my bf?

he is coming today from JB for interview at SONY, Bangi. I'been a big supporter and can confidently say i was a catalyst in his existance! i did all that i can make him come alive.

but, i have a lot of things to do.
i sat and thought : What a day! What should i do?

I need to completed my assignment for tomorrow submission. But, then again, i love my bf. He teach me many things. He help me grow everyday. he make me better at what i do.
What do i do? i have no IDEA (most the times).
but i know, i should establishing, creating something exciting.
and working towards something awesome!

so, tonight i wanted so badly to make a toast, to supprt my bf, to completed my task done, and ultimately to publicize my involvement.

it's not easy feat to make something this great LOOK and FEEL this great.
and no matter the results (though it will be the phenomenal)
i'm grateful for all of this that has helped my creditworthiness pull it together.
its been an amazing journey for my life..and the road ahead is exciting.
let's all kick d ass.
and hopely get some sleep.


here's the toast i was unable to give in person.


two two and a half


p/s : goodluck dear for your interview. I wish u done perfectly in any u much.muaah

♥ love, nadiranur

Tuesday, March 3

Bachelor in Finance (daymn!)

The entire time in my bachelor I hated is:

"Journalism studies + Writing = Research Methodology"

"Presentation + Article Review = Personal Development"

"Listening Test + Script Submission + Mandarin/Huayu 3"

"Calculation + Formulation + Theoretical = Statistic "


(bcz im nt enough well to be declare as the beststudent/researcher/presenter/statistician/or wuteva la)

i think i became slightly “incapability” in order to give myself more tasks

to procrastinate with

before getting serious with assignments.

it took me ages to get anything of substance on paper.

it probably had something to do with the fact

that you had one opportunity to present something

and it had to be perfect, well-articulated, AP styled and proofed

editing editing editing

well now, i wish no more papers, just tap tap tap, publish, done

so begins my journey down blogging more writing posts imaginary

how exciting!


It should be that exciting!

love nadiranur

Monday, March 2


oh lord.
i have done!

how great i am guys.
i think tat im okay now.


sgt okay.

u noe wut guys.
i can't imagine how well i am for completed this task.

it is actually the challenges MULTITASKING.

i ve done settled up my crisis.

i ve done my seminar event.

i ve done my bel presentation.


i feel like a dust vanished in the air.

if i ve an ability to b a bird. i want to fly away n tell everybody that..I''m done!

have u ever taught this feeling it is u shud say yesss.

u seeing wut i mean?

weee...happy.everlasting happy

after several beat/second/minutes/hours/days/weeks/months
i make this possibilities effectively.
how effective i am?
as effective as much i deal with this grazy things.

come going grazy!

ps: jgn tiru aksi ini. haks!