Saturday, June 27

♥ Treat me the Remedy ♥

I am so freakin distressed. Everything is going stressful lol. Boley ke if aku ckp aku lonely sekarang?yicks.Seriously ok.It only gets inconvenient when u want to get high alone.I totally dislike to be alone. Tiba2 ada strange feeling macam ni. Susah kan dpt BF yg busyy all the day. Eventhou he's absolutely wonderful but I love him so much. Tapi, nk marah jugak dia.

Pics due a months ago. While treat him fer BALENO shirt. Kindly do like it.

Actually, I love to hanging out together, n frankly, it's getting on my nerves. But it's hard since a year ago and idk till when?I know it would be hard, considering what i'll think bout him, but do you think u guys might be able to include him in more activities?Fer sure en? Thats how i feel. It was never really resolved. Let say u have a problem until u start to do it alone. Let say u have a problem until u start bringing it home. Let say u have a problem until you start sleeping alone. Can u do it all alone? If u were, reconsider it untill when en again? Susah bai. Kan? I wish some1 fer inspiring me. I have to know the inspiring people let my bf know that inspiring people. And fer sure, those people taught me this:

If you get tired of your BF's things, there's always other boys, there's always other BFs. If you get tired of your BF's scene, there's always other scenes, there's always other Bf's.

But, I wont.

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