Wednesday, June 3

steps forward..ish?


i'm back. phew* A definite sigh of relief. Test and quizzes are completed. Hooray! Well, now there's another thing to worry about. Assignment! and end of this assignment is the start of intersession final exam!

sigh* Anywayy, i shall not even go there fer a while. Because i need such that time fer do nothing. Especially, melayan si jejaka ku tersayang.
We'd met and went to midvalley, Mines, and
I have been eating quite a lot :)
mcD/pizza/big apple.
haa!! gumukss!
Thank you bee blanja saya makannn.Teheee.

You know what, this picture amended me to my friends, arwah Sharifah Nabilla. We went to curve, celebrating new year together. And finally, she'd freely to go. Al-fatihah.

Just a thought that:
Life is short and love is precious.
Don't fall for anyone that will make you anything less than happy.
Love someone that will improve your life.
Always remember that love is kind.


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