Wednesday, July 28

sejuk weyh!

it's raining!

lets gallop through it!
if i get an oppurtunity, i will go run in the rain and enjoy the sensations of water falling on my skin. pastu buat gaya ala2 hot mcm cerita hindustan TAAL, yang Aishwarya Rai menari dlm hujan tu. cewahh! Haha

Monday, July 19

Like this picture a lot eventhough it’s under-exposed.

Wahhh padi. Suka! Suka!
i did not make this story up fr the advertorial yeah. Just a beautiful coincidence. WTF.And here's an intimate entry somehow related to the photo-real-scenery, at kuala selangor (if i'm not mistaken) nguahh nguah. Daaa..what i get in the end of this photo-real, is the "pleasure" to interact with an incredibly realistic, immersive panorama which lures me in like a digital sirens! Let me tell u kawan, memang dari dulu bercita-cita sangat nak berdiri kat tengah-sawah padi ni. You know, when it bcomes reality, tak ke seronok? puas hati gile wehh. mcm ni lah gaya nya bila org bandor masuk kampung. jakunnn-zi sungguh plus burnt and blistered too. So i have this pleasure with brother and housemate who pays frequent smiling on my fake face. Thank you dearie bro and maisarah :)


(kau tahu? aku baru tahu. HAHA)

My brother, NAQIB
(dengan harapan dpt petik padi, bwk balik, nak try masak. Jadi tak nasik?)
HAHA, at last, ke tong sampah juga akhir nya. Hey, at least we gained experiences yg tak berapa nak thrill laah kan. Tehee

Thursday, July 15

Thank You Demons

i will not react, but just be quite.
because this all will shift, it always does.
i will get myself back to a better head space.

p/s: You. I hate You.

Thursday, July 8

We need to do the work for freedom!

We are free only if we face the challenge of freedom

Do the work of freedom
Fight the fight of freedom
and die the death for freedom

Yeahhhhh..We really need that freedom, ohh freedom

Wednesday, July 7

For the man that i love the most,


The best things about me is..YOU
i laugh
i love

i hope
i try
i hurt

i need
i fear
i cry
and i know u do the same things too,
So, we're really not that different.
i love u not for what u are, but for what i am
when i am with u.
.hubby my sweetie.

As we grow older together, as we continue to change with age, there is
one thing that will never change, i will always keep falling in love with u.
Thanks for all the love we share, i might not say this out loud
..I love yeww! There's no way i can repay your kindness. May Allah show mercy to u as u did to me since we met 4 years ago.

Tuesday, July 6

Semua nya mudah, jika sebigini caranya :)

Finally, i managed to sleep early, last night. I slept at around 10pm. Is it kind of late, or early? Whatever, at least i sleep after 2 days of sleepless nights. But i dont know whether its a good or bad things cause i'm not sleepy at all now. So, maybe i will be sleeping at 10 starting tonight. wheeew!

Saya penat sangat! ok bye!

So whenever i disappear for a while, u can count on 2 things being true:
1. I am very tired.
2. Life is insane.

There has been a lot of life going on lately. And finally, it feels like things are letting up. But u know what? I am 100% burned out. Everything feels like a chore, plus my obligation and so..i am really tired of that!

So we will see what comes. At any rate, i wanted to check in to say "hi!" and "bye!"

Monday, July 5

I didn't do anything for fun. Semua nya kerana ALLAH S.W.T (Fisabillillah)

Lately i have been letting ideas bubble up almost like a slow shadow. The unexpected happens all the time and this adventure was no exception :(
Ya Allah, bantu lah hamba mu yang lemah ini. AMIN