Wednesday, June 30

Kawan saya "Looks Like A-Copycats"

Meowww.meowww.. Shoo kucing, shoo!
you know. stealing is not a good thing. it's a crime. especially people who steal other people's thought and idea. She is sooo immature. and irritating. oh my, please do learn more in grammar la miss B. Take a look at it. Do you notice anything babe?

Tuesday, June 29

Haaa Chewww!

Why does sore throat always have to end up with fever and flu?

i was still okay until i had pakli asam laksa at PakLi Section7. kakaka
so, u totally need to got me there. Jommm!

Thursday, June 24

Sleep is so vital

i didn't need a coffee.

i need a clear head,
more energy,
and a positive outlook.

Friday, June 18

They said what??

I said:
"So hard...."

Then, they said:
"Every day is an adventure, u never know what u will be presented with.."

Thursday, June 17

Raw rawww a,aa..awwww

Oh, have a good one babe :)

Cik Nona na na na

If ur gonna send a message that might possibly categorize u as an angle from heaven, at least be cute. That's all.

Eh jap, this is the real "rude" and "gedik": Get a damn life. Get offline and go get sum, so u wont have to sit staring at ur computer screen for hours getting off to my picture (yg u kata i beautiful, Ahh welll, tq. i know its better than u.bwhaha), and sending me crazy ass messages. Nice Job! thumbs up! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR ANY INSIGHT U HAVE. psst, can u show a little respect here? i dont want get to know u. eee, yekk!

Wednesday, June 16

ee penyibuk!

Rimas lah. macam la dikau itu bagus sangat.

Tuesday, June 15

Searching for answers only to find more questions

Tired, annoyed, tired. i want it all to work like a formula. If i do X and add a little Y, i should end up with Z. Masalah nya, yang Z to mmg tak penah exist! So i throw my everything into getting X and Y straight. I really want to remove all the fear from my day. I want my day to flow dammit, i want a light, cool envigorating breeze. Tolong lah bos, jangan bg byk keje lagi. I'm tired. Tired of thinking, tired of analyzing.

i get angry sometimes bcause i am working so hard and hard work should pay off somewhere kan? But, i didnt receive anything pun. Just penat. (sounds like tak ikhlas kan) well, then..the attempt might succeed if i received $$$$. Tehee. Aren't i?

But no, i usually find i have even more to learn.

i am indeed quite complicated

Anyway, it's the 5th week of internship, and true enough i am already almost drowning and worried. Log book doesnt updated yet, oh no! It hasnt been too easy at all and the workload is pilling up. *Sigh

Monday, June 14


Somehow the best ideas come at the last minute or the time to work on the good ideas come at the last minute. haha. ye er? Hadui, byk nya keje. Tisk2.

Sunday, June 13

Happy Birthday to someone who is forever young!

Deyyy toge,
Have a wonderful day and fabulous year!

May each and every passing year be just the beginning of a year filled with happy memories, wonderful moments and shining dreams. Dont count your years for, bcause we'll already know u're one your older than last year, and of cos older than me. bwahaha :)

What fun! what fun!

Tadaa! i'm just back from Kedah. Everything has more value than just sitting on a shelf, berangan or termenung. Haha. I wont say anything in the moment nor after the moment. But when i come back and look at those pictures, i am in awe! Even i'm in a tired day, when my capacity and energy is low, they are messes (which is i really care) disaster zones, penat, letih and more work for me. Thus, i will say that:

"Today was a good day. So, on a good day, i am filled with wonder and awe for what we are conjure up"
- me, hubby, toge, chaq, perto, amet, pojie

p/s: ehh i happy tau jln2 with bf. Awww :)

Thursday, June 10

It Never Lets Me Down

A blah day - all over the place in my head. Just one of those down days. I wouldnt trade my little view for anything. I am blessed to get the glimpse i get and it makes me so very dissapointed on me. Tisk Tisk. I wish i could stop crying.

Wednesday, June 9

How to handle a ton of work at once?

So, gonna might to say? Well, here is the thing. I found task err multi-task okay, too many of them in my routines. It means, everyday. and perhaps TONS! Honestly, being a perfectionist? this is my besetting sin. Memang terlalu tipu lah if i'd done perfectly without any miscellaneous en? Kau boleh? Oleh itu, or i should say that:

"If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly"

Haha. Sukati. In other words lah kan, not everything has to be perfect. Just get it out the door, phone call, mengadu nasib, menangis! Kahkah. Frankly, my own arrogance is probably at the root of this one.

U see? i still work humbly with my textbook. siap sorok bawah-bawah lagi. Haha. still kene refer textbook la. err. Well, i ma exam-oriented person. Yak dush!

and this is my not-s0-Gen-place.
Meja saya yang mula2 at the fisrt week je kemas, by then, u tgk. dah mcm kerani. baik blajar stakat SPM je. Tisk! Penat blajar pandai-pandai.

So this explains why the week before my vacation is one of the most non-productive weeks of the year.
Off-to KEDAH this weekend. With hubby. Toodles~

Monday, June 7


I just can't be perfect. Can i?

okay okay forget about that. i'd been squeezing my brain juice in every single second for translating a working paper from ENGLISH to MALAY. Erghh! Macam kamus dah. i deserve some rest now, no? Lols.

Dear mKhairulamirul

Life Quote Pictures, Images and Photos

Friday, June 4

Every day I love You

Even i know you dont know.

Thursday, June 3

The boy is mine. Macho ok!

yang penting, dia lagi macho dr kau. and tak sebiadab kau.

He is so charming. Even when i am angry, he has a way of being that distracts me from my anger. i end up smiling or lauhging even. and i am not one to let go an anger easily, but somehow he makes it soo easy. Not just like YOU!

i love him and need him. But not you.

Sometimes, i truly wonder

What does God plan for me and what should i do at this moment?Okay, i don want to elaborate and i shall just sign off and give it a rest.

Hope u all are doing much greater than i am. Peace :)

Wednesday, June 2

Susah Hati


See more on my internship job

And while i dug up the energy today, i am completely zapped now. Yess! akhirnya at the end of week 3, cash flow submission for RM 2,000,000.00 financing need fr this company was completed done BY ME ok! kau ingat senang? boleh gila ok. Fine. dah siap dah pun. Another task, macam2. Phewww!

It was a truly awesome outing!

I was glad i pushed myself throu whatever tired i feel. It was so good fr us. And i felt like little miss gedik with my trusty, beat-up point and shoot. watcha! Haha. And ya know what? I am pretty proud of some of his shoots. Pandai jugak cik abg i ni tgkp gamba en. Check this out!

bf i kata i gedik. So what? Gf u jugak. Trrr.

i know just how hard it can be.

So when we are togeteher, we need an awesome way to cope. Malas nak pikir.

Tuesday, June 1

I could not stop


Advice i have received. Tq Mr !

The better job i do taking care of myself, the less dramatic these highs and lows will seem and the more i can hang in, when life does get heavy. erghh!

i wish i could count on it

i think being an adult almost heightens my senses and so it is hard to just let go.Sigh*. Nak hidup pun susah, pfft!