Friday, January 29

He loves me. But, will his mom?

feel nervous-nesss.

introduce my-mom-to-my-boyfriend
as her son do!

Waw, his mom was really nice woman, kind, beautiful and super cool. And low and behold, we got along great! When we left, told me that he could tell his mom really liked me! wahh! i was so thankful :)

hug and kisses,

Saturday, January 9

Kawan, TQ

*pop pop pop pop*
I wont forget what SHE do.
btw, thank you

It is just a broken feeling when SHE does it to me. Maybe she did not know? i cant blame her because i'm a way more sensitive. It cannot be described by words. Not even close. And then again, i reflected back today after i realize who she really are. Typical. Was it just me? No, others tell about her too. Oh, no wonder. i am not being paranoid. Past experience do count. That is why.

Sometimes, i feel that nothing will ever beat it. Then at times, i just think that the friendship is sour. I hope that things will get better for my this final year :)

nothing too complicated,