Friday, June 26


Whenever i get busy, the blog is the first thing to take a back seat.
Today's post:

One of a kind girl i ever met.Cik Lisz. Who was such a pleasure. Love fer making Neslo fer me. Tq tq . Always adore your made! She treat me A&W at Sunway. While,temankn makcik nurul and makcik iza watch their movie "Jangan Tegor". Walhal gila penakot dua2 perempuan tu. Penampa kang. Gatal tgk siapa suruh en?hohoho. Ogeh en, back to the basic, entirely, the photo shoot with my ex-levelmate. Miss her care and kindly advice lots! Shall we met ahgain? maybe nott.

Had the pleasure of working with this kindly betty every day.
(fun fact: we havva the same fav drinks anywayy!) lol

(LOVE doing this)
at the mall mcm bongoss
so we could enjoy a more leisurely dinner
sementara tunggu 2 org tgk movie tuh~

i'm too lazy to write so just enjoy the pics :)

It's been quite some time since I last saw her :( Anyway, it was great hanging out with you lisz and well, time is short. We should catch up soon. So, plan another outing kayyy?. Including makcik nurul1, makcik nurul2 and makcik iza!! Here i come ahgain~


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