Tuesday, June 16

Schedule, shutdown, complete

Dear mates,

I just wanted to wish all of u fine folks good luck fer tomorrow! u will do great. don't worry about anyone around u, just think bout yourself at this point. also, don't stress about which section is experimental.treat all of the sections as though they are real. also, don't forget to breathe. that's kind of important.keh keh. ckp org pandaii. padahal sendiri cuakss.nguah! nguah! nguah!


ergh! my IFM exam (TEST 2) is tomorrow , and i feel sooo unprepared.i read the book , made some notes , did some questions, do the maths, but still its not enough.im procrastinating like a ***** lol.i cant study anymore cz my brain is like OFF right now..

so…what do i do now?



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