Monday, June 8

GIVE a handup, or GET a handup?

I-hope-you- will-find-a way
to end-it-once

and for all

So it would be in your interest now to go to the psychiatrist and get to **** Have you ever show your face with pores on it ? Why the hell are you talking about . free to say what i might thinks fer the viewed blog , he/she is called a stalker. Gelabah sgt. Malu la sikit weyh.

So yes, you can call me wutever you want, a whore, a slut, a bitch, and see if I care! I know u're pathetic and i dont even need to tell you. gahaaaha!

i'll appreciate those person listed below.
miss em sgt2 much

Fer 'em :
The truth you are always shines through my life.
Thank you fer your kindness.

Cik Ezlyn Azniza,
i must say, mis u a lotsa!
This pic is great! and you know, i'll pimp this in. Might even have to do any graphical editing? tak perlu kan. hee. Love u my friend.

Cik Nurul, Cik Iza.
datangla tgk saya lagih!! Rindu seyh!

This is so wonderful to do. I'm glad both of u are the one continuing wit the spirit of it. Please let me know if there is smthg interesting, nk hols bsama ke? ekeke. which i needs too!

Much love.

p/s: glad to see this started up ahgain!

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