Tuesday, June 30

♥ down, down baby

Begin with, my coughh flu is very bad this 2 night and can't sleep. Ok so i've had this stupid awful darn cough, and its become worst at night. Adoyai. Letih membatuk. Tisk tisk. Help what should I do to get rid of it. Because i've had it fer a few days now. Hasnt been this worse thou! Herm, remind u ini bukan lah disebabkan virus (influenza A H1N1) tau. tapi, sebab takmau mkn ubat. Teheee. Not that i'm asking fer my own. Not, and while a lil better now, I still havva hard time with this misery replaced by having fun dengan Ichi kuchi-kuchi ku ini :) So, siang bila jaga budak gumuks ni, sihat je tau. Bila malam si budak gumuks ni sudah tido, i'm beckin beccy. Uhuk uhuk. Batuk sahaja. What a day :(

Heh, pour out lah that bubbly. Merungut je aku ni kann. So, lets play with Iman Al-Farissi!!
Ay ay ayy ayye cramba!!!

Oh well this is fun lahh. Timang tinggi-tinggi. Weee. Budak ni lagi tinggi timangan nya lagi tekekek-kekek la gelak dia. Tapi, disebabkan budak ni gumuks, tak larat makcik aih nak timang lama2. Patah tangan mama lala lahh. Alahai si debab. Sampai jiran rumah sebelah pun start to compared with her 1y.o daughter. "Iman ni dah sama besar da dgn anak cik ana, si yana ni, hehe" Hamboi makcik, biasa lah iman ni tgkla camane aunty2 dia jaga. Bila iman nangis skit je, sumea aunty2 dia berlari buatkan susu. Mana la tak sihat budak ni kan. Hah. perasaan :)

Dah penat main, time fer bath then. Ditemani dengan 20 ekor kucing peminat setia melihat aksi iman berbogel di belakang rumah. kahkah. Cool la imann. Nyiao nyiao..iman shame shame lahh :)

Look! So, iman now make himself have time fer books. Main, main jugak kann. Buku still kene baca en.Well, ini lah keluarga En.Rahman. Memang memupukkan semangat membaca di kalangan anak-anak termasuklah cucu nya ini. It wouldnt be so surprise en, sebab rumah kami sememangnya dah macam library. Yg sgt penuh dengan buku2 an. So, i will embrace and make him good and excellent as he grows and matures. Lets make it go slower from now en? biar dah besar nanti SPM iman 25A1. Wahh bahagia nya aku!

Fer now, i spent most of the day in a bit of a funk and kept watching at iman untill this sem break end. Halaa. Dah nak start new sem blk! Hell, I did not to be too ready. The older i get time seems to just rush past me. huhu :( I will lost valuabe day by being at home maybe a month. Mesti rindu iman kan. Then, balik rumah tiba-tiba dah besar je dia. Ntah2 dah tak ingat dah aunty dia ni. Lorh, i'm the one who always dwell on these kind of thing from afar. Takpelah, tunggu ada kids sendiri nanti lah ye. Aceceh. Bila la pulak tu kan ye. Euw. Cam geli je. Reason: TAK BERSEDIA! kahkah bongok.

And finally, time fer late night snacks. Cenyum skit yunk! okay Byebye. Iman sudah pun nak tidur. ZZzzz


Sunday, June 28

♥ Kawan kawen kawan

This is not about me, but it is all about my friends. I'll always be there fer em and help em stand back up. Hiks. tinggi nya harapan saya. Like i taught, saya sayang kawan-kawan saya :) sangat2 okay. Hope you all hv being well lahh. Recently, my girlfriends have all been getting married and i should have been in most of their wedds en.Soryyy cik Lyna, erk, Puan Lyna. Tak dapat datang. Unexpected illnes had occured. Demnit! However, it is such a privilege time fer them and congratulations babe. Obviously, thou our relationship begins to changes. Hehee. Kamu dah jadi Puan, while saya still single lagi :) Untuk Puan Immah juga! Thou i've had a hard time remembering that this is the way its supposed to be. So korang jaga laki baik2 ok. haha. Once they're married, it seems to be a lil harder. Well, i can feel at times that single woman like myself can't hv much to say in the way of accountability since i havent experience the things they are :)


Puan roslina (ceh dah puan dah) ni fellas time high school dulu. Sgt lembut juga orangnya. Well, really articulation in person. Most i like it. Enen, dia la teman se-per-TUSYEN-an dulu dulu. hee. We tusyen-ing together at Pusat Tuisyen MARTIN, Pudu. Wahh. What a kind person. Kami mmg pentingkan education. Kekeke Ye er? Yelahh tu en. Love love u much.



Enen, back to my kindnesss friend, makcik fatimah. hee. Recall fer Immah. Tapi, if tambah, imah-bok lagi best right. kekeke. Immah, I have been in most of ur wedding okay. Tak baik tau tuduh2 dyra tak datang. Sumpah dyra datang. Tak percaya tanya sumea yeeeh. Anywayyy fatimah, congrats fer that and ur newborn too. Wahh, gituu. Dah ada babyy. Where, we'd just met few weeks ago en? At last dapat juga ketemuk dengan baby fatimah ni. yay!

Alolo, cumeyy, if i'm not mistaken her name is Nur Farisha Hana. Wahh. Terer tak me-remind?haha. oh I'm soo grateful fer her. I feel i have less often to met all of u en? I hate that conservations can seem so one-sided at times, as if all directed without me. Is this just a fear of me that i dont speak-up? is it really a time fer me to allow others to work in these ladies lives.?No no no la. sukahati korg lah nak buat apa. Janji i tak kacau hidup u en??It is pride that i'm just wanting to be able to take part into their lives and not have em speaking into mine alone. Hee. bunyi cam kecik ati je kan. Anywayy, dearie friends, Best ke dah kahwinn??heee :)

And, last. My pre norm kakak. That always brighten up my life and do recall me selaluu dan selalu.
Ini kak emy. My Friend and kakak's friend at kmpk (Kolej Matrikulasi Perak) few years ago. Aceceh. Ayu gitu en?Sangat lembut gila dadyy kot. If on the phone dengan dia, even dah loudspeaker pun still tak dengar suara dia jugak. Kahkah. Ke aku yang pekak ke, tak tahu lah. Conpius.Okay. backin gehhh. Kak emy ni is the very very emotional person to begin with . She'll cry over everything if there is sm1 broked him. I think kak emy really needs to cry and just let everything out. Kesian gila kak emy. If aku lah jadi dia, dah lama dah aku pijak buntut Mr.N tu. I hate a man who do not appreaciate a kindnessness and nesss woman. Just like kak emy. And ME. Aceceh.I just dont want kak emy keep it all bottled up inside of her. But, i dont know what i need to do. Just to remind u kak emy, what a great person u are, wish u should be able to pick urself back up ahgain slowly through this. Yea yea! u should get the stay out of this crap from either him or perhaps other guys too. So, try and take matter into your hands okay! And this is time to booom the hitmann! Ke-boomm! Much ♥

♥ home at last

It takes more than people realize to stay at home. Ada ke org sekarang suka stay je kat rumah?its really difficult to find. And just, we did it! There's no a sound to be heard. Cz kami bertiga je tinggal di rumah. While yang lain sumea ntah keluar ke mana. Ayah and mama pegi dating agaknya. kakak, pey n iman pun dating juga agaknya, and adik2 yg lain. Entahhhh.

This photo was taken right out on the hall desk throgh lapcam. Baru je beberapa minit ago. Gila updated kan? Terus post. Tak tahann.Kahkah. And now, i get to be home fer a bit. A week je kot! So, do appreciate the home okay. Umphh, plus plus the rainy rainy day. fuhhh, gila balmy weyyy. So, its be a little rainy the past couple of day and truth be told, maybe cz aku blk umah kot. baru la hujan nk turun. Well, anak ayahhh. Mbawa "keberkatan" balik ke rumahh. Its my fav kind of weather actually, and just smthg bout dit. Of course the fav of this time is the fresh mint growing on the front porch, ready to capturing, snapping2! and here we are done!!! Tgk la sampai lebammm!

So, i'm going to enjoy some home time, enjoyed some home cooked meals, wahh yg tersgt bestt. After all, it's all bout living the life u've imagined right? Take time fer urself too, its definitely good fer the soul taw!

Sekian Thank You

♥ baby

Saturday, June 27

♥ Treat me the Remedy ♥

I am so freakin distressed. Everything is going stressful lol. Boley ke if aku ckp aku lonely sekarang?yicks.Seriously ok.It only gets inconvenient when u want to get high alone.I totally dislike to be alone. Tiba2 ada strange feeling macam ni. Susah kan dpt BF yg busyy all the day. Eventhou he's absolutely wonderful but I love him so much. Tapi, nk marah jugak dia.

Pics due a months ago. While treat him fer BALENO shirt. Kindly do like it.

Actually, I love to hanging out together, n frankly, it's getting on my nerves. But it's hard since a year ago and idk till when?I know it would be hard, considering what i'll think bout him, but do you think u guys might be able to include him in more activities?Fer sure en? Thats how i feel. It was never really resolved. Let say u have a problem until u start to do it alone. Let say u have a problem until u start bringing it home. Let say u have a problem until you start sleeping alone. Can u do it all alone? If u were, reconsider it untill when en again? Susah bai. Kan? I wish some1 fer inspiring me. I have to know the inspiring people let my bf know that inspiring people. And fer sure, those people taught me this:

If you get tired of your BF's things, there's always other boys, there's always other BFs. If you get tired of your BF's scene, there's always other scenes, there's always other Bf's.

But, I wont.

♥ down with those kiddos ♥


Its came naturally to me.
I was told that I would be a wonderful aunt ever.
I had no reason to think otherwise.
I knew motherhood was the one thing that I would be perfect at.
*hiks. Is that bothering you?

Mandi first enen baru jln2 okayy ichi.
So, I still patronizing "so what is your day like?" or "doing right through the hols?".I just laugh and think, at least i dont have to work. haha. Being home is great. Eventually, the weather is cleared, and we got out more. If we wanting more. Rite Ichi?

Successfully done!

Then one day I noticed something different. I wasn't depressed. I wasn't bored. I was an aunty. I don't know when it happened or why. Perhaps, I just needed time to adjust to the new me, the stay-at-home aunty.kehkeh.


Friday, June 26

Face says it all

I'm back from an unexpected hiatus. Due to some technical issues with my blog, i wasn’t able to post fer the past week or so. To apologize fer the blog drought, i have returned with a photo-heavy recap of a fabulous moment we did at the Tasik Permaisuri. He brought me to my place where i miss hometown a lots! A place where I grow, I place where I adore the most. I think the overall look and feel of the day perfectly aligned with initial vision. We enlisted some fab vendors and had a beautiful day!! here’s a glimpse at what we had transpired. B, love you muchh~

I love this pic of my beloved timeless, kind-hearted and lovely bf exactly.

Ready to make my wish.
Thou, i endeavor to remind myself of my blessings each and every day, i find that i’m always especially filled with gratitude on my day. Till now, i'm still missing him daym much.

i miss you
i miss you
i miss you
i miss you
i miss you

♥ baby


Whenever i get busy, the blog is the first thing to take a back seat.
Today's post:

One of a kind girl i ever met.Cik Lisz. Who was such a pleasure. Love fer making Neslo fer me. Tq tq . Always adore your made! She treat me A&W at Sunway. While,temankn makcik nurul and makcik iza watch their movie "Jangan Tegor". Walhal gila penakot dua2 perempuan tu. Penampa kang. Gatal tgk siapa suruh en?hohoho. Ogeh en, back to the basic, entirely, the photo shoot with my ex-levelmate. Miss her care and kindly advice lots! Shall we met ahgain? maybe nott.

Had the pleasure of working with this kindly betty every day.
(fun fact: we havva the same fav drinks anywayy!) lol

(LOVE doing this)
at the mall mcm bongoss
so we could enjoy a more leisurely dinner
sementara tunggu 2 org tgk movie tuh~

i'm too lazy to write so just enjoy the pics :)

It's been quite some time since I last saw her :( Anyway, it was great hanging out with you lisz and well, time is short. We should catch up soon. So, plan another outing kayyy?. Including makcik nurul1, makcik nurul2 and makcik iza!! Here i come ahgain~