Sunday, June 28

♥ home at last

It takes more than people realize to stay at home. Ada ke org sekarang suka stay je kat rumah?its really difficult to find. And just, we did it! There's no a sound to be heard. Cz kami bertiga je tinggal di rumah. While yang lain sumea ntah keluar ke mana. Ayah and mama pegi dating agaknya. kakak, pey n iman pun dating juga agaknya, and adik2 yg lain. Entahhhh.

This photo was taken right out on the hall desk throgh lapcam. Baru je beberapa minit ago. Gila updated kan? Terus post. Tak tahann.Kahkah. And now, i get to be home fer a bit. A week je kot! So, do appreciate the home okay. Umphh, plus plus the rainy rainy day. fuhhh, gila balmy weyyy. So, its be a little rainy the past couple of day and truth be told, maybe cz aku blk umah kot. baru la hujan nk turun. Well, anak ayahhh. Mbawa "keberkatan" balik ke rumahh. Its my fav kind of weather actually, and just smthg bout dit. Of course the fav of this time is the fresh mint growing on the front porch, ready to capturing, snapping2! and here we are done!!! Tgk la sampai lebammm!

So, i'm going to enjoy some home time, enjoyed some home cooked meals, wahh yg tersgt bestt. After all, it's all bout living the life u've imagined right? Take time fer urself too, its definitely good fer the soul taw!

Sekian Thank You

♥ baby

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