Friday, March 20


capturing/ snapping/ posing/styler/other in relative.

in commmon, tis is a norms "student behavior".i dunno y i'm suppose to be like most of em. maybe i am one of the revolutionary victims.haha. Compatible wit this di
ffussion,besides pros and cons, its create a relation with those well known as mates ship.
wow! how correlated it is!

at the moment
we does it.

sitting together/turn on the camera/ a reverse effect/centered the position.
nice ya

here we go.

senyum-senyum, gelak-gelak

gedik-gedik, ngada-ngada

the whitee known as "siti" the sitiest.
she is enuff .better than me

cool brats known as nick, the Nickest.
grup asgmnt member.she is ok.sgt ok.

mama without papa. the Shidaest!
her nt mine.opps! mama, i wont begging u.

memey licious. the Mimiest.
kindness still.same habit witme. chew vigorously.gahaa

mereka baik-baik, so saya pun kne jadi baik juga

ouh well known, nurul ainun. NURUL ONE

ouh the most well-well known nurul farhana. NURUL TWO

last bt not least, he is the man. the man besides me.haha.
evrydy fetching me/ send back to college/provider/supporter/simply good listener/motivator/problem solver/dec maker/reviewer/and so on lah
lebey2 prahsan plak mamat ni nati.gahh gahh

finish la
im sleepy already.


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