Wednesday, March 11

just drop by

(posted on: 10.52 a.m, lib PTAR2, Uitm Shah Alam)


I’ve been really bad at this simultaneous blogging thing.
Today blog seem to have an inverse relationship - posts go up on one, down on the other.
One day that will change. *Le sigh*
But in the last 10 minutes before my body shuts down… quotes I adore from the last week…

“My way of thinking is my way of thinking, and it has a right to exist.”
~ Audrey Bartis, thinker + friend

Spoken during a lunch of "chewing gum" and conversation with mates, (Memey, Shida, Siti, Kak Teh) after we finished our statitistical class.duh! an extravagant graphical linear we ever learned!

Shh..gtg to cont asgmnt..

p/s: curik tulang sat je..ngee!

love me, love me not


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