Sunday, March 15

Conclusion for Interaction

so many things happen in my life. and idk which one is better.
What was just as valuable was the mixing and exchange going on in the common area.
There is no substitute to face to face interaction to get the deal with ppl we really love and connect.
but it just dont matter. It was greatful to hangout with thoughful ppl.which led to be significantly more meaningful.
sm ppl got together for every day, but me not. thou we a
re indeed of " a need to coordinate".
Coordinate ourselves making
love going to eternity.

pls darl,let u know, i love u,so so much. i still need u. need u to hold me besides u.
i've been spending sm serious time on a variety of my immortal emotions.
and please excuse all the ums.
i think and stalls this was the final day of conflict and my brain was running a lil bit slow.

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