Monday, March 23

peace! ok then.

For d time being, i did it twice in a day. It is hard actualy, thou i dun think i make it perfect.What else?rather than thinkin bout dit.Just let it go.That was more better.ngeehh.Sounds like self downturn ya ya ya.Oh no! i'm not! it'll be fine ok! i think.uhm.

One of the things I've been planning to do for a while is work on my research method(article review).Complete it.Well, start to make it done. Things are a little slower for me right now, so I've been trying to do that over the past several days. Ouh i'm tired mam.Fer me, if there is oppurtunities to feel woundorous it is.haha.sleep.sleep.sleep.zzzzz.hope so.

It's been an interesting process for a few reasons. kan kan?ye kot.It's making me look back at what I've done and how I've progressed, which is learning in and of itself. I'm also seeing new ways of putting some things together for different purposes that have me thinking more creatively. But I'm seeing holes in what I've done that need to be filled, too, so I think it's giving me a new learning agenda in a way.

Back tobasic.In my real life.and there is ppl known friends.Thou, im bzying, remember them,i still.Forgetting them, i dont.So, to n8 i started to relaxxx after several days struggling here n there regarding my presentation. Walk walk wall.till sm1's room. knock knock. They wont open up the door fer me.seh! pmalas tul!tau sape?ZURA.ngekkk.pmalas bukak pintu.

Nvermine.she's in pms today.quite moody n i dun care.haha.went in stillll.haha.looks like she was so sick/so tired/so done.Not a good day today. maybe she woke up at the wrong side of the bed, so she felt sick, haven’t arrived in choosing her favorable day.sigh. It will b fine Zura. I'll b there as long as u need me.this is wat we call friends like.Its gonna b ok dear! muahh!

the lil me,behind d side of u.always n always.

see! i still there whenever i, bear in mind. i'm special fer u.haha.perlu!

ahgain n ahgain i'll always there smiling with u occay.

the things is, dun u dare to think u're better cute than me. im better than u.haha.peace cik sharifah.sharifah nazura.luff luff u.

all we need is.staying together.keep on smiling.n its gonna b ok then.told u so.

eh.plakon tambahn. bt,i love them.all of'em who always giv me laughter n smile.tq.

new degrees of cool.yea! we are soo cool.ngeee.
love better.peace!

Supposedly, tomorrow will be a rest day, but no! I need to go to the class due to my bachelor schedule. Whew! My body is about to give up this week.
This is not good.ahhhhh! penattt!

end lah.



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