Tuesday, March 3

Bachelor in Finance (daymn!)

The entire time in my bachelor I hated is:

"Journalism studies + Writing = Research Methodology"

"Presentation + Article Review = Personal Development"

"Listening Test + Script Submission + Mandarin/Huayu 3"

"Calculation + Formulation + Theoretical = Statistic "


(bcz im nt enough well to be declare as the beststudent/researcher/presenter/statistician/or wuteva la)

i think i became slightly “incapability” in order to give myself more tasks

to procrastinate with

before getting serious with assignments.

it took me ages to get anything of substance on paper.

it probably had something to do with the fact

that you had one opportunity to present something

and it had to be perfect, well-articulated, AP styled and proofed

editing editing editing

well now, i wish no more papers, just tap tap tap, publish, done

so begins my journey down blogging lane.no more writing posts imaginary

how exciting!


It should be that exciting!

love nadiranur


selumber said...

hehe..comel je... cam dak nak ambik PMR...heeee...

BABY said...

ngehhh..iyo lah..