Friday, March 20


searching here n ther.struggling more.perhaps by tis week being settle up all those things perfectly. but there are'nt. hhuhu. penat tao tak. noe guys,till i dun even spend my time/self for him.ouh i am sory. for the time being.i hope so,so much so,b can consider it more better.the things seriusly,really really in nid of him. im so damn tired. very tired. i dun have this strenght anymore.he is nt ther fer me.n of cos, im nt ther fer him .y this should be happen between us?is it there is any other element of is not! and sgt sgt not.NO intervention from the 3rd parties actly.statistically, it is caused from part of us. i i cant ever feel asleep. not enuff getting the harmonius rest. i want u, yes u la syg. come next next aside me. smday, i wish we wil be 2gether after several year we awaited. l stay n feel this insomnia really retain me to geting move ahead. this is all i need:

u are a part of my life.

and of course
the peacemaker
of mine



nadiranur HARD

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