Monday, March 30

the busy-ness

Its so annoying to feel like doing smthing else but I can't. I'm being so paranoid over assignment bcause I hv to get it right fer the first time. I think I'm bcoming ngok-ngek fer a lil'bit. This week has been a busy week fer me.Y? Asignments. I said no fer too many of ppl who asked me to go for just teh-tarik. So lifeless of me,gehhhh.This what I've been doing: thinking about what to write when starting to critique/reviewing the journal, while i'm trying to fall asleep. (multitasking :P). sleeping a whole day by 7 a.m until 5p.m in a row.gahaa.

I wish i could say screw assignments. But, I know I cant. Arghh. Met up with ajai, su and zura. Eating/Dine together. After having a long nap at room. Seeing pic on board.Thinking of my bloved fam, ayah. mama,my lil sis, walso iman al-farisi ku.uwaaaa. Sadness still. Only did I realize i miss them soooooo much..

p/s: I miss them a tonnes and i am started telling everyone i'm crying fer every n8 bcause of this.only now did i realize how much i miss them.

NN baby

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