Monday, March 16


I feel of the past previous weeks makes all the difference to those times and pulls me through and now I must pull them through...or, I think, show them the door, no pulling or pushing but maybe I should don't know when .You know la en, it is the fact,karma is everywhere or perhaps anywhere. The times what i used to think are right seem to be so wrong! So who's right? I'm right for me from my side.But wrong for them on their side, but isn't that temporary? Should I take what I was given and use it to balance things out now? let me say, pegi la mampos. sape kesah weyy!

Ah, and then there's him...goodness, kindness still, even though he's not been through aside of meh and yet haven't seen him, he is me,i am he and too much. And it is const
ant on him and he is still kind and good. His innocence will always be with me. Mine comes so far in between now...I need to get it back more often.

you're such the catalyst of my life.

and then again, I dont want to be influenced but i am so very much to get in. and if I wasn't what would I be, a revenge is the first thing came out from my head.Therefore, i know that thinking about a revenge are very much influenced also and it is nt good. oh really? who cares?

lets end lah. u will never yield anything, anything let u know, with all this wasting junkies-kies one. u'd better throw it away in a proper manner as u mum told so,rite. or maybe it is nt alrite fer u?ouh.wutever! luckily, i dun even mention the status who you are.where are you came from.but the fact is. you are from the area which can be considered for "org batak yg busuk hati seperti
kamo". tq.

baby, pls stop carrying with those fate .blv the Creators who create your path of life.

p/s: my dad/my mum/my bf are used to say, "dyra, biar org buat kita, jgn kita buat org". the que is .."till when?" till i cant no longer split out the toxin inside my brain? argh! gosh.

lets put the smile as usual i can be.
and this is the way i am.
quick to harsh/quick to forgetting/quick to create collaboration.

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