Sunday, March 29

nothing too complicated

wah wah wah. seem a very long time i dien write a blog. any blog.ok lets start it.

This weekend has got to be the laziest weekend ever. There's a lot to do, and I'm barely there. Research assignment has finally be handed up without any confidence.arghhh! It's complicated. Test is this 2week around, but yet I'm so distracted by everything else. Determination is nowhere to be found.

On Friday evening, it was the official first, first? it is nt first actually. bt always first fer us.occay, cont, it was the officially first time,b (my bf) and I met after these long few monthss.. It's funny as I thought it was going to be awkward. Though we had conversations before meeting up, I still felt nervous. wahh. nervous fer everything. I need to be prepared to meet him.hee.To me, it's like meeting a new friend all over again! But I don't think thats the case for him as he remembers much more than I do. haha.poyo jee.

An extraordinary boyfriend of his tagged along and we had a delicious but nt an expensive japanese dinner at Jusco in Seri Kembangan. The food is good and I love the ambience. Then after, was meatball spagetti @ secret recipe with him again.

I feel thankful at this very moment and count my blessings.gahaa. love love u hunny.muahh.

Tht's all folks, dadaaa

love me,

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BABY said...

i miss this moment darn! y shud i? pls, giv me back the joy. all i need is you. pls.