Wednesday, March 11

quirky girl gone mad

This morning I woke up in a calmness hardcore feeling.
By 10 am I was on the runway, taking off for my research proposal presentation.
A short 1 hours and 40 minutes later my preparation was complete and i am ready for the luncheon.
at sudden,
class rep (si acap yg ngek) : "ok guys, class cancel k arini"
me: ok thanks mr.acap. to doc, thanks a lot!
what the hack! blurb! im gonna mad. watcha! kick my ass!
duh! tak guna pn bria2 prepare for several days.daaa daaa diradddaaaa..da da da

so, went lunch wit cendol, cont my next class, go back to hostel.
bored and finally.
take a pich!





this is the way i am. With a little begging and pleading I was fortunate enough to fill the whole days of mine.

love me,
nadira nur

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