Tuesday, March 17

rehearse! rehearse! rehearse!

particularly, i require to be well prepared for my mind/soul/body/language/emotion/ pyhsical/mental regarding my consecutives days of presentation. starting tomorrow:

wed (17/3) : research proposal presentation
thurs(18/3) : article review presentation + QMT test
fri (19/3) : debate for e-banking ( where i hold a role of reviewer)
mon (22/3) : BEL presentation 2 (no article review yet!)

so, what i need to escape skillfully from unexpected pannic attacks is: reherase! rehearse! rehearse!
i need to remember most of the slide/wordy and made the presentation like telling a story and giving a performance doing it. Performance requires rehearsal. It needs practice. Sadly, I don't get to do it often enough. i'm too bz with a lot of asgmnt.Occasionally I have bad performances. so, i dun want to repeat it ahgain! The recent week,I had given the presentation with a set of wondorous article. i hope so, i can do it again and perhaps more better. However,What makes it even harder is the "lecturer" which almost provides for feedback loop. oh pls. pls accept us!


chaiyok! chaiyok!

nadiranur HARD

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