Wednesday, March 4

Sory my dear.

tonight i had to make a decision that was meaningful to me professionally and personally.
after a long, unexpected stresssful day of assignment execution, crisis in dilemma, do i choose to commit to my dinner or rush over to a toast for spendining a lil' time for my bf?

he is coming today from JB for interview at SONY, Bangi. I'been a big supporter and can confidently say i was a catalyst in his existance! i did all that i can make him come alive.

but, i have a lot of things to do.
i sat and thought : What a day! What should i do?

I need to completed my assignment for tomorrow submission. But, then again, i love my bf. He teach me many things. He help me grow everyday. he make me better at what i do.
What do i do? i have no IDEA (most the times).
but i know, i should establishing, creating something exciting.
and working towards something awesome!

so, tonight i wanted so badly to make a toast, to supprt my bf, to completed my task done, and ultimately to publicize my involvement.

it's not easy feat to make something this great LOOK and FEEL this great.
and no matter the results (though it will be the phenomenal)
i'm grateful for all of this that has helped my creditworthiness pull it together.
its been an amazing journey for my life..and the road ahead is exciting.
let's all kick d ass.
and hopely get some sleep.


here's the toast i was unable to give in person.


two two and a half


p/s : goodluck dear for your interview. I wish u done perfectly in any u much.muaah

♥ love, nadiranur

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