Saturday, March 21

he hurt me

why do he always hurt me?why he always play games witma heart?its really hurt me.he always show im nt enuff perfect for him. i hate all his pre norm languange. obviosly outspoken, but still there.i used to be who i'm used to be. he says he loves me.but he always made his choice without any thoughts and regard from me. so, how can he love me? i really dunno hw much more i can take, i'm dreading the lonely n8 and heart break of letting all this thing go. i cant talk to anyone as no one wants to hear it and are too busy wit their own lives. and u, just tell me how to get over it. tq.

the problem is.. i can't! its hurt to much pain fer me.

p/s: maybe i'm too pressure witma studies. plus everthing livin wit few nonsense ppl overther n over ere.its all disturbin me u noe! arghh!

love me,