Wednesday, December 23

A Dayy full of "First"

What a crazy, magical day this one was...

Last saturday to be precise :)

We had some kenduri which is purposely:
kenduri kesyukuran + majlis akikah + khatam quran + iman's first birthday party.

The first time in a long time that all the superfamily have been together.
Here are few more photos of the scene and Iman seeing it fer the first time!

iman muka pelik. Tekejut dia, apa ramai2 org nih..

and saya which looks like sgt kepenatan. Well, yes!

iman's mbek was his first time knowing this kambing. And now he learn how this kambing sounds was. "mbek..mbek.."

sebenar nya first time utk kami juga. Hwa hwa hwa.

At first i taught this was the kambing,
and ayah kata "ini sheep ok..."
and me: "ohh really?? knp tak comel mcm dlm kartun tu? gile fake that cartoon!"
ayah kata : "ini kambing biri-biri kampung cik adik.."

HAHA..and all my sister looks like..terbangang-bangang n lagi lah blurr..

bye2 kambing. yet, i'm not on the scene..HEHE.
tidak berani sama sekali.

It was fun! so we get prepared fer that prizes n gifts. Bcz we did sm cool games like music chair, air balloons etc. It was good n we had a good time with lil cousin n auntie2. TQ :)

Forever so young siblings n cousins..Walaah!

Dah siap packaging!
And sibuk decorate balloons pula. Serabut!




Iman's forever so young aunties..

We had a fully day of fun and considering the great deals we got!

End of the day which full of "first". i think that our family have become terribly formulaic and plan great moments and then pack thoroughly fer it. Well, we prepared fer that possibility, so no biggie! At least we always seem to have a happy ending!

Toodles, tired-ness,


enyheartsdiamond said...

comel la iman ngn muka terkejot!

dyra-ra said...

HAHA. iman mmg suka buat muka tekejut bapak ayam dia tu. mngada!

Lilianna Mardiana said...

waaaa, best la family gathering gitu, my only time ada family gathering ialah time raya sebab time majlis2 ni, xramai yg balik. :D

anyway, 1st time visit kat blog ni, uber-cute blog! mcm owner dia. :)

Rowena Chasez said...

comeynyer babay 2...

Rashid said...

cantik gambar-gambar ini disnap..

bunga ;D said...