Sunday, December 6

Stupidity etc

i banned myself from my own site yesterday

i was just trying to log-in to my e-mail accounts n the system blocked me after 3 attempts.
Hello? i'm the owner. Suka suki dia je lah en. tsk.tsk.tsk. if u block me, who's supposed to unban me?

so, dgn lagak pandai nya...
and what's worse? i experimented with my sites n accidentally deleted the database, which is why i cant havva blog at my main domain anymore. The system is so screwed up after that.


Why am i so smart? luckily, i saved everything in this blog but not the other.
nasib baik lah.kemungkinan.
Had to rebuild everything from scratch.Huhu

xoxo, dyra.

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Anonymous said...

i olso ban ban bantal maisef~~