Wednesday, December 16

She is ONE!

This was suppose to be posted almost 2 days ago :)
(14th dec 2009)

Happy Birthday !
to my silly, crazy, sweet girl :)
well she is now turn 19th and it has taken me this long to find the time to write an appropriate post to celeb her milestone. My amazing little girl one, i love u! Because there's a friendship, a lovely kinship.

And there she goes...

hearts, my forever so young sister. muachs!

Zum Gebutstag meine Freundin cyg!
You're geting old :D Teheheh. Anyways, wishing u all the best in your future undertakings. i'll definitely miss u so much and kaka hope u'll have a great time there, and explore the world babe! Take care :)

Big hugs and kisses,


enyheartsdiamond said...

rambot dia sgt cantik!

dyra-ra said... ur hair too :)