Saturday, January 9

Kawan, TQ

*pop pop pop pop*
I wont forget what SHE do.
btw, thank you

It is just a broken feeling when SHE does it to me. Maybe she did not know? i cant blame her because i'm a way more sensitive. It cannot be described by words. Not even close. And then again, i reflected back today after i realize who she really are. Typical. Was it just me? No, others tell about her too. Oh, no wonder. i am not being paranoid. Past experience do count. That is why.

Sometimes, i feel that nothing will ever beat it. Then at times, i just think that the friendship is sour. I hope that things will get better for my this final year :)

nothing too complicated,


bunga ;D said...

cantik owner blog ni.=D

dyra-ra said...

secantik bunga. HIKS~