Tuesday, December 8

Intan Payung-ku

Let's see what i've covered today.hehe
There is just so much about iman al-farissi i want to share as he is our little angel.
Picca-picca-boo! Kiddos updates!
Thus, i have tonnes of pictures to share, but still has limits to upload, ahah, malas lah.

uisk, so much i observe about him and then ferget to mention.
But oh, he has such a personality!
yang gedik tu semua nya dia. huksss

see! he wants to do everything that i do.
budak ni lah kan ter-sgt lah feisty. Even the "no..noooo..no iman no!" are staring to come more frequently,
umphh, dia buat tak kesahh je. ahaha

Tgk muka kerek bapak ayam dia ni..HAHA
When he doesnt get what he wants it is an immediate drop to floor tantrum. Arghhhh!
His scream rivals was errr..pekak telinga den!

kami sayang dia
even he is not one easily redirected either. hehe

He is such a warm, fiery spirit fer me n as his personalities unfolds, i see how beautifully it blends n balances wif our family.

Most of all he has a smile that will melt u.
He loves to laugh, and can charm the pants off of u.
It is hard to tell him, NO! When he wearing that winning smile.
Let see his smile!

ohh busyuk intan payung ku..
XOXO, dyra.


~pendekgemukbertompok.~ said...

bestnya maen2 ngn budak2 kecik,boleh terus menceriakan hari yg membosankan;p


dyra-ra said...

btul3 tu pja..sronokkkk mlayan keletah dia. tp, kitorg suka je buli2 dia kasi dia nangiss haha.