Wednesday, December 2

bila terlalu bosan..


my hair did a cool flip today and i really liked it.
i liked how it covered my eye on one side, umphh felt so mysterious.

i'm having fun wif myself. i'm not genetically gifted n so my face has never been natural wif the camera, bt wif the bright light and angle, i can take the pic that captures what i see in the mirror. cehhh. soo-perasan.

and so on a late night when i should totally be in bed, i am staring at myself in the mirror trying to take a self-portrait. i am having fun with my hair don’t u think? :-p

*tak kesah lah org nk ckp apa.

xoxo, dyra.


Anonymous said...

aii kamu:)

Arief Arf said...

nice hair!


dyra-ra said...

rathiqah: aii kamu rathiqah..
arif : tq :)