Thursday, December 17

i love u "treats"

Huwaaa. i'm incredibly blessed if i hv the opportunity to get a decent amount of sleep every night n if i dont, 9 times out of 10, that was my choice. wahh..gila bestt. tp, tak mungkin. i was really tired, bcz stayed up late finishing preparations fer iman's bday party n sm kenduri on this saturday (19/12). i haven't heeded my body's pleas fer rest n today it was readily apparent. Lack of sleep, stress, who knows what combination of stuff triggered it? Giloss saya.ngehh.ngehh. gotcha :(

As is usual with meltdowns, i feel not too much better today, tomorrow, till sunday. Smthg i am so bad about "doing". HAHA

anywayy off to bed,


enyheartsdiamond said...

selamat tdur dear ;)

Edriena Hazelina said...

comey nye blog nie..
thanx sebab folo
have a good rest!

oh ya.. btw, ur look.. like my bff.. hehe..

dyra-ra said...

eny: tq dear :)

dyra-ra said...

edriena : tq! eh i really looks like ur bff? nk tgk....which one??