Wednesday, December 16

Yayy! iman 12 months old!

My bundle of joy..still....
(anak buah saya ok, bukan anak saya!)

Happy first birthday sayang!

(16th december 2008 - 16th december 2009)

iman is 1 year old now, and just this morning, we sang "happy birthday" to him, and he did this smile!! Woahaha. da besar da cyg lala ni. Takmo nakal2 tau syg. Well, he is so pro these days. Lasak nya..Ya allah! He is incredibly mobile and is starting to break out into these cure running walk when he is in a hurry. He is sooooo quick to pick things up and is amazing little boy. Above anything else though, dia sgt nakal skarang!!! yak-dush, i marah dia, dia marah i blk. Wah..wah..wah..budak2 zaman skarang.

Let me share what this determined little sweetheart is..up these days!
See! kenakalan wajah nya. Ergh! geram i. i can already see his humor n personalities. As u? He will be doing smthg that we dont find particularly funny, but he will be laughing his head off. and so, kami pun gelak, bukan sbb klakar, Tp, gelak sbb tgk dia gelak,. HAHAHA. iman..iman..He has no fear and goes fer it. Erm, he also doesnt dwell on his bonks, if smthg he tries doesnt go his way, he will try, try, go, go and do it again. Begitulah gerangan nya si budak nakal ni :)

Iman is making memories and it is so cool! It is just so cool to see all these little connections he makes fer my family. Lets take a look at a quick glance of iman's 1st day on 16th dec of 2008:

He was the easy sleeping baby.
Tapi, dulu lah time baby, skarang..tak lgsg!

Time fer a snooze :)
(sampai kitrg asik kene marah ngn nurse sbb snap pic byk2, gile kecow nurse2 ni)

iman with his forever so young aunties.
aunty illy (ucu illy)
aunty sufia (uteh)
aunty wawa (ucu wa)

And iman with his mummy, my kakak:
Being a mom is such a hard job tau kakak! takkan hari2 nk bg iman mkn biskut je, shian dia tau. Rajin2 lah sket masak porridge utk dia, Mua-HAHA! Should i be involving her in cooking? ahah, i tak kesah pun sbnr nya, nephew i jugak. i keep hoping that we will get back into a rythm of sm KIND.

btw iman ku shayang, i wish u a wonderful NEW age, as well as full of joy, love, but most of all laughter! You're such my sweetheart n i cant wait to see what windows open up to parts of your personality this coming year. Happy first bday iman! i ♥ you

Lots of love,


enyheartsdiamond said...

cute..very cute!

dyra-ra said...

hee my nephew. tq, as yours too :)

Rowena Chasez said...

happy birthday to him...=)

zack zukhairi said...

soooo cute! :)

Mohd Riziqin Hill said...

baru sorg anak buah..
tggu lg 2 3 org baru la rasa pening kui kui kui~

rasanye mmg kenal kot..
adek ilya nur rite? ;p

dyra-ra said...

rowena : iman kata thanks! hehe

zack : iman senyum2 je org kata die cute. hee

rizqin: taktau lah dia ni nkl ikut sape. isk2! yer.yer..ya btul! adik ilya :)

HonEyBuNNy said...

happy birthday to him...comeiii

dyra-ra said...

hee..iman kata tq!