Sunday, December 6

Party not in USA

This birthday post should be done earlier. But i dont. Haha.
Usually i save the pics,
when i hv the time to sum up n say some really profound things, i will do it later.
or maybe, never do it.
So, i will keep this post simple.

my kind of party.
I dont hv to do anything!
just holding the camera
and take the effect on it~

Well, the planner. She is..cik siti, who create a scene fer her boifee.
And she looked very pleased.

Housemates, wawa n shieta

Final adjustments, was the part of pretty common..
The Party not in the USA

So, smthg like this require our intervention, and best fits our relationship.
As it happens rarely, bcause of our bz-ness and as we are practically in motion all day long.
And finally at this night, i love the peaceful connection of just enjoying next to them.
i thought to myself:
"Whoa! so we are here!"

xoxo, dyra.

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