Thursday, December 3

This is f.amazing

Got home last few weeks. Unpacked.
Cleared my bags. Soaked them in soap water fer 2 hours. Brushed here n there. Rinsed.
Threw them into the washing machine to b washed again n dried.
Heard some noise from the old machine. HAHA
Buzzer sound. Crenggg..crengg..crengg
Asking mama : "What was it mama?"
mama : "Grrr...ayah tanak beli machine baru"
Ignored..Waited fer 45 minutes. Buzzer sounded. Took the bags out to be hung.

all in a sudden,
smthg dropped on the floor. looked around n saw..ohh my...
my 2 year-old SANDISK CRUZER MICRO 4GB with lots of old memorable pic inside.

Ran to the computer n tested my thumbdrives. The blue and orange light still blink-ing.
opened the files one by one.
No error whatsoever.
Hung them in front of the table fan to be dried.

This is f.unbelievable.
They survived the tsunami. HAHA
After such 45minutes messing around with my old machine washing.

p/s: all pics above does not related the content at all. Who cares nwayyy. Tehee :)

xoxo, dyra.


Arief Arf said...

that is unbelievable!

it survived the tsunami?

make sure not to wash ur pendrive next time okay.
but nvm, pc fair is coming..


~pendekgemukbertompok.~ said...

heheheh...tererlah masih berfungsi lagi!!
and u sure know how to draw;)


dyra-ra said...