Tuesday, December 22

and i make things too hard

i just wrecked my ikea mirror!

and yes, there naturally about today, where..everything was going to hell. even with that crazy heat, n kemalasan nk layan feeling lebih2, i keep wondering there are moments n days where it isn't that bad. uhmm :)

and soon after, i want such relief, taking the time to do nothing, well, maybe this art. urghhh..so, i was reminded how easy it all is sometimes..kan?

Nevertheless, i am enjoying returning my stuff to more structure here and there. And when it comes to art i am learning to just go for it n not wait fer the "perfect-ness". ok lah ni kann? hiks!

so, i have to say that i am super proud of myself today bcz regardless where i was energy wise and handle it emotionally. Tq encik stalker sekalian, u had great time with everything, yelling here n there, and so did i? uhh, tidakk..be myself was the first! keep doing smthg with ignorance ppl. Thats me.

all in all, that occupied an hour of my day. U see, i did smthg beneficial, drp jg tepi kain org, menyibuk hal org, lagi bagus kann? it was really great observing where they took things, klw baik sgt why dont u use your real name or your real profile rather than use "anynomous"? ohh major double loser, u take sm energy on my part, and it was more than worth it! Tq :) Hwa hwa hwa.

So, i am more than thrilled!


enyheartsdiamond said...

babe..u r so creative!

(ur bf org kuala nerang???best x u dtg hari tu??hehe..i duk sini..mcm tade mende je )

dyra-ra said...

whoaa. thnx eny darl! i'm just smtimes caught up with a normal boringss day, n i did smthg like ..this! hee :)

haa, my bf mmg dr sn. hehe, to b honest mmg takde pape kat sn kan. tp, i suka environment kampung mcm tu. if i hv chance, i wish i will stay there wif his fam. hiks. ngada btol!

Anonymous said...


dyra-ra said...

TQ iloveislam.