Saturday, April 18


Theoretically, i could have been studying fer every single day fer the past several weeks, ahaa. I get off to a good start.

I take a week off olidayy at home, then decide to set study schedule fer myself, giving myself 2full weeks to study fer the final exam, ermm..iyelah tu..which should be plenty of time to study each of 9 chapter twice. welalala. Occay, nevermine, today is the day i should start studying fer this coming monday exam, that i take only a whole day from now. At least there's the plan..

  • 8.00 am  :  Wakeup from dreaming.
  • 9.00 am  :  Breakfast
  • 10.00am : Studying till now, i relieved to stop studying by blogging 
  • 5.00  pm  : BLOGGING TIME !!
  • 6.00  pm  : Continue study occay.
  • 7.30 pm : My dad, mum, those siblings and i will solat hajat together after magrib prayers.
All seems to occur rught around this time around me 
to be more confidence in exams, Its not life or death, whether i'll fail or ace it. Hopefully, i'm nott! Good Luck though.

p/s: My only thoughts, would be prepare as much as i can, but dont take it seriously. Just in case in any circumstances of otak h-a-n-g. Euwww..scarry. Incidently, wish its not going to happen for this final exam.Wish me all the best and lotss of lucks too!

Toodles  :)

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